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Later we have discussed a lot about different mobile phone games but now here is an article about windows phone games. There are great smartphone games that won’t cost you a penny, and not just on iOS and Android. If you’re on Windows Phone you’re due some thrills too. Microsoft is a well known company in the world of personal computing but now a days it has also worked in mobile phone games and apps we have discussed some of the games.  

Throne Together


Throne Together is a block-stacking puzzle game. Each level starts out with a partially constructed castle. The player’s job is to add different shaped pieces to the castle without causing it to fall down. If player put too much weight on the lower pieces and they will develop cracks or even break, so player need to distribute the weight evenly.In order to place those pieces, tap and drag them down from the top of the screen. The pieces come in many shapes and sizes, not just squares and rectangles. Players will also unlock special pieces like doors and windows that provide bonus points when placed in specific locations. With lots of different goals and castle pieces and a charming art style, Throne Together is a better than average puzzle game.

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Castle Raid 2

castle raid

Here’s another game Castle Raid 2 comes from Arctic Mill, a small indie studio based in Sweden. And yet this game feels like it comes from a much larger studio thanks to its excellent hand-drawn artwork, voice acting, and clever game play. Castle Raid 2 is a real-time strategy game in which two medieval fantasy armies battle for supremacy. Instead of sprawling maps, each map fits on a single screen. At either end you’ll find one of the two combatants castles. Destroy your enemy’s castle and you’ll win the match.

Once you’ve got the necessary resources you can create military units to attack the enemy and protect your peasants. Again, these units automatically go to work so there’s no need to micromanage. Order up three of the same unit simultaneously and you’ll get an upgraded unit who can deal a lot more damage. The key is to release a good variety of units and cancel out your opponents’ forces. here is another feature of this game Castle Raid 2 also supports 2-player head-to-head battle on one device. 

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Machinarium is one beautiful game. It feels like an interactive cartoon, just like most of the best adventure games. The robots world comes to life through an amazing attention to detail. Although Machinarium suffered from a crashing bug upon its release, the latest update fixes the problem. Buy it without fear, adventure game fans. Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game that stars a little robot named Josef. As the game opens, we see him dropped in a scrap heap outside of a gigantic industrial city. Josef wakes up, repairs himself, and sets off towards the city. Once the player helps him get inside, Josef sets about searching for his childhood robot friend. Along the way he’ll help robotic citizens in need as well as working to stop the evil Black Cap Brotherhood from destroying the city.

The story unfolds without any text or dialog. Instead, characters speak in voice bubbles that show little pictures about what they’re saying. This sells the idea that everything happens within an alien world. And yet the story is surprisingly involving and emotional, thanks to the gorgeous art-style and hand-drawn animation of each character.

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Rayman Fiesta Run


Rayman and his friends now travel across a sprawling world map where they will access a total of 76 levels. Like Jungle Run, the goal of each level is to collect 100 Lums. But the Lums you collect can now be spent on power-ups and unlocking new characters and artwork. Rayman adds swimming to his repertoire of moves, and yet the controls remain perfectly simple and responsive.

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Ragdoll Run


The endless runner genre seems to be endlessly popular, as well. That’s partly because the games are so easy to play. There are two controls at play here – jump and rotate – and you have to tap or swipe your way past the 3D obstacles with a cute ragdoll character. Plenty of coins and power-ups are available to snatch as you accelerate along and give your reflexes a real test. The game looks gorgeous and it’s a lot of fun in short blasts.

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Civilization Run


You don’t have to play casual games on your smart phone there is the odd title that will challenge you with a bit more strategic depth. The legendary Civilization series has consumed many an hour for PC gamers and now it comes to Windows Phone. This version is simplified and that makes it immediately accessible whether you’re a Civilization Run addict or a newcomer.

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Angry Birds Go

angry birds

The fine-feathered birds have traded their slingshots for adrenaline-filled race karts and courses. This Mario Kart lookalike has lusciously colourful race tracks and power-ups to make the bad piggies eat dirt and knock them off course. Watch out for those darn obstacles, you don’t want to blow up your birds and end up with fried chicken.


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