iOS 7 Beta Version Review

iOS 7 beta version has been launched and I am still waiting for most of the third party apps to install and I am not in the best position to make some reviews even after 3 days later. I am of the view that reviewers need more days and time with a device for a proper opinion about any device or product, but 3 days or enough to examine the features and to share some of the viewed features when many of us are looking for reviews for iOS 7.

I use my iPhone 5 to test and examine the iOS 7 beta version and has spent about 8-9 hours using this beta version. I searched for the outlook of beta 4 and 5 version within a month or so as Apple is looking for some problem to solve them before the shipment starts for the beta version.

Coming to the point, after using beta version for 3 days or 8-9 hours here are the drawbacks or wrong things instead of pointing out good things as a human we are looking always for improved things and are of the view that no previous faults will be in the newer version. Let’s talk about what happened with the iOS 7 beta version

iOS 6 on left vs iOS 7 beta on right.

iOS 6 on left vs iOS 7 beta on right.

Talking about the icon, they look like a mixture more than icon and In fact I am of the view that they are just like a child had drew them than I am to extol the qualities of the design team that created them. This leaves me not a good impression on me and I am sure that I am not alone.

Talking about the battery life which is satisfactory than the early release of beta version but and I’ve come to know that it’s made it through the day without too many problems as the handset did before it.


People may tend to restart their phone with huge battery drainage due to the reason that draw my notice towards the similar thing when the stats showed a usage time that was the same as the standby time, so what I did is just restart my phone to restore that quickly.

After my second charge I noticed that the battery last for about 12 hours, and I received the notification twice but nothing to worry about as things going for improvements after I charged the phone for third time as battery timing has been improved up to very extent. When I ask for this poor battery condition to my friends on social media they also complain the same that 2nd time battery charge was not very impressive. This made me some annoy but I am not sure this is a problem with phone or just a coincidence. So its up to you what do you think about this conspiracy.

The worst thing that made me annoy is the Apple made to the OS. In this beta version ever thing takes twice as long as they tend to do like exiting of an app seems to be complement by a drawn out transition.


The double notification that I received for many thing occasionally is not a convincing way but keep in mind that this is a beta version and that’s what betas are for. this is the first official outlook by the Apple to it and as a as developers and testers file bug reports and Apple realizes that some of its design choices were too away from the target, so what can we do si that to hope iOS 7 will come into its own shape and taste. What would you do if not is that, well, we can’t do a great deal about it anyway. When I look at my iPhone 5 with iOs 7, I think Apple will design iOS 8 just like iOS 6 again.

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