iOS Apps, Add Fun to Your Photos

   It’s always good to have fun with our friends and family. We often store these moments by taking pictures through our phone or any other device. Now you can make these moments more lovely by giving them a new and different look because we are recommending you a list of photo editing apps for ios.                    

1.PhotoFrame Pro 

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By using PhotoFrame Pro you ca add frames to your computer and many more. It has more than 35 well-designed frames and 48+ layouts, unique art photo frame collage mode, color picker for the frames background, five ratios for layouts. You can apply effects to individual photos, add word/caption to photo easily, add a shadow to the photos, move photos to different areas by drag and drop,  color the borders, add cool emotion icons, make images to rounded corners, adjust the frame to make it bigger or smaller in real time and it can rotate, pan, zoom  or mirror images. Now your photos are redy to share via Facebook, Twitter and Email.                   


2.  Fotor  PES

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Fotor-PES, you can enjoy an enhanced, easy to use interface and other amazing features such as the enhanced Camera, powerful photo editing tools, filters, crop, rotate, frames, borders, tilt–shift and photo box.Fotor-PES contains some of the most powerful and easy to use photo editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, vignette, temperature, tint, cropping, r otation, and more.  Fotor-PES builds on the fast, convenient, and fun experience. It has many options that can make you images even more incredible than before. The Grid, Big Button, Burst, Square, Timer, and Stabilizer are the features will help you capture the sharpest photos. Tap Enhance quickly transforms “dull” or “bad” photos with a pixel by pixel enhancement, all with only one tap. Analyzing brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure values, Fotor-PES enhance the source picture to become an amazing photo. Photo enhancement technology offers 13 different options to choose according to the conditions at the time your photo was taken. And “Tilt-Shift”  gives your images amazing visual effects normally seen in professional cameras.Specialized Album Manager will keep your collection of photos. Using Fotor-PES, you can easily share your amazing photos with friends and family. Share pics on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Email, with just single touch.        


  3. Panorama

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With panorama create stunning high resolution panoramas using the device’s camera, beautiful, powerful and meticulously designed app interface provides an enjoyable and productive user experience. You can  build custom panoramas or creatively blend images into photo montages. It also allows to shoot a scene and save the photos into the gallery for merging later if you prefer. This allows you to save time and battery during a shoot.  Share your panoramas with friends and family through email, print them or save, including photo originals. The homograph method to avoid curvature of straight edges, a common disadvantage of other apps of this type. Homograph method is computationally intensive for producing natural and realistic panoramas. Undo and redo a panorama in the gallery to try different settings or options, such as exposure matching or merge quality.  During a merge, tap the “Hold Button” to turn off the screen, to save battery, and you will receive a notification when the merge is done. It also has a good high resolution.  As you shoot pictures they are collected into a sliding pocket drawer, so you can review what you shot at any time, and delete to retake photos. If in hurry you have cancelled  the current merge, you can always resume it anytime from the gallery.  Panoramas are saved to the gallery automatically when completed, and optionally also to the Photos library.  In the gallery any saved panorama can be resumed.  You can undo panoramas, separating them into a film roll of the original photos. Originals can always be saved to the Photos library. You can also export and manually preprocess the photos in any other image editor. Adds location data to your panoramas so you remember exactly where you shot them.                 


  4. Photo Collage Creator


By using Photo Collage Creator you can quickly and easily create stunning photos  from the photos stored in your photo album using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.When you’ve created your masterpiece you can share it with your friends on Facebook, send it in an Email and many more. It has customize background colors, high resolution export, 11 different aspect ratios round photos. It’s very easy to handle you ca perform many functions like change background texture, crop, rotate and add awesome effects, save to photo album and  share on Facebook or via Email. This app is compatible with  iPhone 5.          


5. Photobucket

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Here we are going to introduce an app, Photobucket Mobile instantly secures your moments so you’ll never worry about losing a mobile photo or video again. Photobucket has billions of photos & videos so you can browse anything from backgrounds to wallpaper all on your iPhone. Now easily connect with friends & family and manage your albums wherever you are. You can efficiently create, organize and browse albums, you can   delete, move, copy, download, and more,  instantly upload photos to Photobucket an share them to Facebook, Twitter and Email. Have quickly access to photo URLs, and moreover browse top photo galleries and Geo-tag mobile photos.              


6. Glow Draw

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It’s the time to paint awesome images with glowing neon light. You are thinking that is it possible? and your answer is ‘YES’ because we are suggesting you another app through which you can’t only draw your photos but can also make them shiny and glittery. But this can only be done through Glow Draw.  Take any photo and make it glow. Glow Draw is an app by which you can import photos directly from Facebook and share via Email, Facebook and Twitter. It has multiple levels of undo, fully zoomable paintings and  very important eyedropper tool to select and match colors straight from the painting. Mixing colors allows for an unlimited number of colors you can select both brush size and glow intensity. Glow Draw, mail postcards of your drawings anywhere in the world and can take photos or use existing photos as backgrounds now save paintings to Photo Library. Glow Draw supports iPhone 4 Retina display and iPad HD resolution.

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