iPhone 5S Expected Specs

Apple is arranging the press announcement for its second release within the year, the date for this big announcement is set as 10th of the September while the production of this Smartphone has been started on large scale. There are some leaks about the specs of upcoming iPhone giant, which may be accurate as the previous leaks record proves to be very fair and accurate so we can expect that the leaked specs would leads us to the design and capability of upcoming iPhone handset.

Some people are rumors that apple will launch the iPhone 6 instead of the S version of iPhone 5, but it is questionable that whether Apple will go for that big step instead of normal traditions? According to the evolutionary trends of Apple and the lack of iPhone 6 indication and leaks, for me, what we can expect from Apple is the announcement of iPhone 5S very fairly if Apple didn’t make any upset.

Here are the following specifications that are likely to be part of iPhone 5S or iPhone :

Fingerprint Sensor:

The press media is now talking about the availability of fingerprint sensor and may it be packed with next iPhone. Normally the Phones with fingerprint sensor requires a swipe as it is cheap to produce a 1D sensing array, but the case may not be the same for iPhone 5S i.e. it may not be required by the users to swipe at a certain speed to get the reading. Apple will provide a better UI for fingerprint sensor indeed.


Apple may go for as usual self made Chip up gradation by applying A7 Processor for its next upcoming Phone with a clocking speed of 1.5 GHz, the A6 has a clocking speed of 1.3 GHz while we can expect the Quad-Core configuration, also the better CPU and GPU is expected from Apple Inc from better processing and Graphic performance


The display screen according to the leaks suggest a 4 inch display size for iPhone 5S with double up of resolution i.e. about 1.5 Million pixels as the current pixels are 730k with the current retina display and the pixels density may be up to 600ppi for the iPhone 5S.


The fans of iPhone may get NFC this time to provide the Apple users an equal environment as NFC is almost present in all high end Android Smartphones, so the device paring will be getting more easier than ever for iPhone handsets.


ios-slideThis is no more a secret that the next upcoming iPhone will come along with iOS 7 i.e. the users will great by a fresh graphic design, to get the innovations and changes go to …

Apple will be able after proper tests and reliable results to pair the iOs devices with automobiles, user can give voice commands via Siri, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevrolet, Honda, KIA, Volvo, Acura, Jaguar, Opel, Infinity. But the automobile manufacturer should produce the compatible cars and it is expected that these cars may be available through 2014 year.

Battery Life:

The battery may have some extra timing than its predecessor of about 8-9 percent in order to comply with the up gradation to the upcoming iOS device that are expected to be part of next upcoming iPhone handset.


Some sources suggest a 12-13 MP Camera for the next upcoming iPhone Handset powered by dual LED flash for better user experience


Apple is pre conservative with the matter of announcing the price expectation till its release, but a mare estimate reveals that $199 for iPhone 5S 16 GB version $399 for 64 GB versions along with a new contract. And if you want to have it without any contract you will have to spend $649 while the Unlocked Phone will be available for $750. All these prices are expected only for US regions


According to the market condition, status and rumors, it is greatly and likely that Apple will indeed go for hardware u gradation to provide a fresher to its fans, but we have to wait for the exact up gradation and that could only be happed when we go the new iPhone 5S more likely or iPhone 6.

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