Jailbreak iphone and iPad in iOS7


Jailbreak iOS 7 iPad and iPhone

Mobile manufacturers have their own AppStore and they want that only their own products to be used on their devices, so what they do? They limit the device ability to use limited numbers of software that only relate to that particular manufacturer. This limited ability of Smart Devices really annoying for users and what is bad thing from user’s point of view is that their device is under performing. Here the term Jailbreak help users get rid of such type of problems those results in underperforming of devices. Jailbreak enhance the device use ability and extended performance, the benefits of Jailbreak iOS 7 include Messages on Steroids, Enhanced Lock Screen, Notification and Control Center, Tethering and many others. There’s a perception exits that Jailbreak results in loss of warranty which has no value as Jailbreak can be easily uninstall as you will restore your iOS device in iTunes and got your normal look. So what are you waiting for? In simple words Jailbreak meant is that to hack Apple Product Software and customize it according to your own needs and trend.


The latest version of Jailbreak is available for iOS 7.0.4 version. If you are really interested to Jailbreak your iOS device, here is a easy to follow guide.


Jailbreak is some time refer to as a difficult task and you may caught by some troublesome facts though who follows the under mentioned guidelines will led to success, but we advised you to do it at your own will.

  • If you are looking for latest Jailbreak tweak, you must have iOS 7.0.4 version as latest jailbreak is only compatible with it. Keep in mind that if Apple go for further new Version, then you will have to wait for latest and compatible Jailbreak.
  • You need to download the latest Jailbreak from eVasiOn7. You will be provided by OSX and Windows, get your required one and download it and Unzip that and put it to your desktop.
  • I suggest that you should restore your iOS device to default status before you connect the same to your desktop. So backup all of your data in order to get start.

Restore your iPhone

  • Connect your iOS device to your desktop via USB cable and run evasion7 file, a prompt will pop up. Simply click on Jailbreak and wait for a movement so that the process can be auto completed.

Untethered Jailbreak

  • The setup will require you to perform some few tasks including to click on new evasion7 app icon on device screen
  • After a few steps, the setup will display a message that process has completed.


After completion, a new icon named Cydia will be shown on screen, this icon has all tweaks and apps stored. What you need to do is that get a bit familiar with new feature.

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