A view of leaked Android 4.3 ROM for the Google Addition Galaxy S4

The rumors about next version by Google of Android are more look like as it is previous release. Two days ago the leaked is out for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ROM out in the wild, but this was in the form of already released Smart device in Google edition i.e. Galaxy S4. This leak is also pointed to the European LTE Galaxy S4 (GT 19505) as in form of custom ROM. Here is the quick hands-on video for upcoming Android 4.3, it is still Android Jelly Bean same as Android 4.2.2 and according to earlier reports it becomes true that the changes for upcoming version are under the hood. What does it really means that we have to experience mostly the same interface that we can experience on the current Google Play edition of GS4. Here is the embedded YouTube Video which indicates the some of the changes in the 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Here is the list that includes the changes or new things in the leaked Android 4.3 ROM.

Nuts and bolts:

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has a feature as Android Hardware Bluetooth which supports the Bluetooth with low energy consumption; this function isn’t available on Google edition GS4 previously.

It allows checking for a scan in order to get the Wi-Fi networks even when Wi-Fi is not on and not is in use for wireless networking, this is to be done with the help of Google’s location service.

Bluetooth Tethering is available through Android 4.3 ROM as user of GS4 GE are not in the position to avail this, but other like Nexus 4 have it to offer you through Android 4.2.2 OS.

Developer Option:

Multiple option let you enable to view the graphical presentation of time used to generate the frame and to get that whether you are get the target of 60 frames per second or not. This option is available at Monitoring > Profile GPU Rendering.

The Developers have now a new option that provides the new graphical capabilities in Android API level 18, this is a new debug option for new non-rectangular clipping feature.

The new feature will change the browser engine used to handle which is used to handle web sites within the apps and it is named as “Use experimental WebView” but I found myself limited to really announce about it that what it does actually and in whole.

The Button let you allows to “Revoke USB debugging authorization”. This deletes RSA key that is generated for the USB debugging authorization from the phone itself. This is really helpful as previously user has to do the same via help of PC.

Phone & Messaging:

The new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean let you enable toad two second pauses in the dialing string designated by Comma or by semicolon for long wait • Furthermore you can now enable dial-pad auto-complete and can change DTMF (Dual Tone, Multi Frequency) tone lengths. All this can be done through the setting in the Phone app.

Other tactics:

On taking a screen shot and sharing it through the mail, the field Subject will automatically will be populated with the date and time of the shot on which it was taken

This Android Version provides the new camera app on which we have discussed in the following post Android 4.3 will be available to use on Nexus 4

Long, multi-word SSID names now wrap properly down to a second line in the quick-settings pull down.

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