Li-Fi: A way to transmit the data with higher speed

Accessing the resources through Internet is a common way, previously famous method is through the Cables replaced by the Wi-Fi radio waves signals and now the research and experiments are on its way to introduce the human with new method of transmitting the bi-directional data.


The increasing numbers of Smart devices i.e. 5 billion Smartphone Mobiles are used to transmit 600 TB Tera Bytes of data every month and the medium is mainly radio waves. There are more than 2 million base stations that are used to transmit the Radio Waves. These devices required a lot of energy and maintenance to provide the service.


Li-Fi: A faster way to transmit the data with higher speed

Now the scene is going to be changed as a team from china has successfully experimented and developed the medium that uses the Light Spectrum to access the Internet World. Li-Fi uses light as carrier to transmit the data. It requires a bi-directional link over the same medium. Professor Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh gave the idea in his 2011 Ted Global Talk on VLC visible light communication. The connection will remain till the existing if light between the source of light and device.

The IT Professor at China Chi Nan who leads the Li-Fi research team stated that

“A light bulb with embedded microchips can produce data rate as fast as 150Mbps.”

Li-Fi: A faster way to transmit the data with higher speed

Reason to adopt Li-Wi over Wi-Fi:

Capacity :

li-fi can handle more data than the traditional Wi-Fi Waves but Wi-Fi lacks of the volume of data to be transmitted


The Li-Fi Technology is more reliable than the Wi-Fi and can handle more volume than it.


The 2 million base stations required heaps of energy to work properly and a big part of energy is required only to keep these base station cool while less energy is required to operate these basee stations.


Wi-Fi signals can cause the security lack as anyone can access the travelling data and after decoding it can get the private info.


The base stations for Wi-Fi reqreuis the basic infrastructure and staff to maintain the service but we have pre installed infrastructure for Li-Fi and we don’t need to hire any crowdie staff members.


The Li-Fi technology will be very cheap as it doesn’t require any infrastructure we can use it every where we can find the light.

Use of Li-Fi in Medical:

Li-Fi can be used in Operation rooms and it may be helpful in medical rooms and operation rooms as operation rooms are provided by the proper lightning while the Wi-Fi can’t be used within Operation Theators

Li-Fi: A faster way to transmit the data with higher speed


The Wi-Fi has some limitations as well like we need to switch off our cell phones in order to avoid the –Fi problems and can’t use the Wi-Fi technology but we can find light everywhere also in commercial plans, so we can use internet service in plane as well.


The Li-Fi is said to be very fast than the typical DSL connection. According to Professor Haas, the data rates lies between Mbps to 100 Mbps. He stated that

“Everywhere in a day there is light. Look around, Look Everywhere. Look at your smart phone. It has a flashlight, an LED flashlight. These are potential sources for high-speed data transmission.”

More Spectrum for Li-Fi:

Li-Fi has more Spectrum than Wi-Fi i.e. Li-Fi offers 10,000 times more spectrum than Wi-Fi.

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