Make your life easier by these Awesome Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have emerged as core value of smart phones to increase your productivity level, produce good and smart results in no time to get good remarks from management. These apps really make your life easier by upgrading your skill level and providing problem solving solutions. These smart apps collection is inclusive of big names, as you can also use these apps as alternative productive apps.

Here are the apps to increase your productivity level:

1: Dark Sky:

Dark Sky weather App

Dark Sky supports iOS platform and upgrade you with latest weather conditions. You can schedule, re-schedule your meetings and can manage your time in a better way by getting an accurate weather forecasting report using Dark Sky App. The app informs you weather forecasting within time range like rain prediction in 15 minutes, while the beautiful weather maps also guides you about local weather condition. Indeed the precise weather alerts will keep you out of snowy and rainy paths and you can save you time a lot for your productive works.

Download Dark Sky from iTunes.

2: Camera360:

Camera360 is a first choice for photo 400 million editors around the world. The app has 200+ photo filters and 10 modes that can increase your instagrm likes. Users rate this app best for selfies. The app features auto face detection, natural skin touch up, facial thinning and timer. You can apply different filters including scary one, sports, romantic night filters and many other unique ones.

Download Camera360 from iTunes.

3: SavingStar:

SavingStar Mobile App

The current era of online shopping demands you to save your money by different sorts of coupons. The app SavingStar is a coupon app that gives you coupons for a variety of products including snacks, diapers, soups, fruits, veggies and a range of grocery items at your favorite Grocery and Drug Stores. You will pay normal price for your shopping items, while the coupons will save your savings inside the app. Upon reaching the limit of $5, you can transfer your savings into your bank account, can redeem for Amazon or any other usage.

Download SavingStar from iOS and Android App Stores.

4: Wunderlist:

wunderlist coupon app

This app allows you to manage your favorable to-dos, while the idea to share the lists makes the app attractive one. With Wunderlist, you can set shareable due dates, reminders, assignments and fun stuff with your family or friends. The app helps you to organize your life in a fun way and same time, you can share the list(s) with others as well. The app works fine for shoppers by sharing shopping lists, professionals by managing multiple projects and for individuals as well. The app is available for both Desktop and Mobile users.

Download Wunderlist app.


Moves is a tracking app that tracks every step you take. The app can give a brief detail about miles you walked, cycle and by running. The helps you to follow the right path via map. You can choose the app for accurate route planning to avoid any inconvenience. The app stores your activities on daily basis, and you can keep record of your daily movement. Calories calculation is yet another benefit of this app.

Download Moves from Android Store.

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