MEGA for Android A Must Have Cloud Storage App

This app provides 50 GB of space and the price is unbelievable  Can you imagine? Its price is only costing you for just downloading it and install it. This service is also available on paid service. MEGA is a “Encrypted Global Access” a cloud storage service for the users. The user can store and access the files and content from any part of world. This Un-Official App is available to be used on Android 2.3 or later. This app is related to the working on the Android app is in the last stage. The developer had designed the app in the same way just like an official app.

MEGA for Android A Must Have Cloud Storage App


Using this MEGA app, user can Upload, Download, share, move, delete, search and also renaming their MEGA account. The shining and attracting functionality of this app is no limitation to file or folder size other than restricted and on hand cloud space.  As this is the beta version so the bugs are expected although all the necessary precautions are taken and released after the testing. This app has all the functionality and features that any attracting and 5 star Cloud Storage app can have. The available features at this time are as under


Glance your Account

Upload and Download the files to the Android device with incremental speed

Move files

Delete Files

Create Folders

Can share and Download the MEGA Links

Upload Videos and Snaps and Camera sync

Enjoy all these features in a new decent style. The features and the functionality of this app make it a must and mandatory Cloud Storage app that everyone should have for the Android device. Enjoy this easy to use app with user friendly interface.

Download The App: MEGA

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