Microsoft HoloLens Presents Holographic Environment

Project HoloLense is getting attention as Microsoft is building support for its holographic displays to mount it into Windows 10 Operating System. HoloLens comes in the era when computerized headgear prototypes are at murky best, Previously Google came with Google Glass, while in CES 2015, Virtual Reality Oculus Rift is making its way to market.

Microsoft HoloLense


The upcoming 3D headset gadget by Microsoft is likely to come in Windows 10 Time frame, while it will depend mainly on CPU, GPU and HPU, HPU may be a new term for you which means Holographic Processing Unit, HPU will aid HoloLense to manage Terabytes of Real Time Data the device takes in, while it will be connected with a PC to perform this brainstorming task.

Windows 10 Universal App:

Alex Kipman of Redmond said that Holographic apps are Windows 10 Universal apps, developers are working to make them compatible with several devices. HoloLense Headset will be use to interact as an interface between physical and digital world.

Live Demo of HoloLense:

Microsoft HoloLens

On last Wednesday, Kipman showed a live demo of an app dubbed HoloStudio in a Windows 10 Event, an employee of Microsoft used her finger and voice commands to build a quadrocopter. The stunning show off include likened to print preview for 3D Printing, then Kipman pulled a 3D printed version of UFO like quadrocopter out of his back pocket and that really stunned the attendants.

More than Computing:


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The new Holographic Project is not jest for computing alone, the project is a result of partnership between NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Microsoft, this project will also enable geologists to pay a virtual visit to other planets like Mars and others.
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