Microsoft Ready to Launch a Wearable Gadget

American Multinational Corporation Microsoft based in Redmond is reportedly ready to go for a surprise launch and be a part of wearable gadgets. Microsoft’s device (Smartwatch) will work as a health monitor and will be adjustable with cross platform.

Microsoft Smartwatch

According to famous site, Frobes, Microsoft is feeling that it is right time to launch it’s first ever Smartwatch in market. At present Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Sony’s SmartWatch 2 and the Qualcomm Toq, LG G Watch and several others are existing in market, while Microsoft’s Smartwatch will be a new addition to them.


According to media reports, Microsoft will launch it’s wearable gadget in next coming two weeks, the watch will mainly serve as a health monitor and can count heart beat. Frobes reported that the watch will be powered by a battery life of two days. This is indeed an advantage for Microsoft as the other two popular Smartwatches including Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Moto 360 as both wearable gadgets require charging once in a day.


The sources close to project said that the Microsoft’s watch will rush the stores soon after launch to capture the lucrative holiday season, while Microsoft has also decided to launch it before Apple’s launch of wearable gadget.

Microsoft Ready to Launch a Wearable Gadget


Microsoft has been engaged in production and designing of Smartwatch since April Last year when the Tech Giant was reported in finding suppliers in Asia. According to reports, the device will resembles with Samsung ‘s Gear Fit, while comes with a full-color touch screen viewable. It is basically a sensor filled device, it will come with 11 sensors to act as health advisor and monitor.


The watch will have a series of sensors that will count wearer’s heart count, step count and calories burnt. It will have 15 inch of display screen and will provide upto 2 days backup.

Chance for Microsoft:

Microsoft’s Smartwatch has a clear distinction over Apple and Google’s Smartwatches as Apple’s iWatch runs only over iOS and Google’s Smartwatch runs over Android platform only, however Microsoft’s upcoming wearable gadget is reportedly designed as a cross multi platform Smartwatch that can run over Windows Phone, Android and iOS platform. While improved battery capacity is yet another advantage for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s legacy in machine learning through Microsoft Research could also point to a future business model for a health-tracking device.

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