Microsoft To Cut 18000 Workers and Staff Members

The CEO of Tech giant company Microsoft has announced to sweeping of employees at larger scale. The American based tech company is looking forward in laying off its employees and that decision will affect it’s worker worldwide. According to Microsoft resources, Company will lay off it’s 18000 employees by next year, and about 12500 employees will be from Nokia Mobile Phone (equals to 50% employees of Nokia). Microsoft has purchased Nokia Mobile in April this year.

Microsoft and Nokia

Microsoft will lay off about 13000 employees immediately including 1350 jobs at Headquarter in Seattle area. Other includes its factory in Hungary, Nokia’s engineering office in San Diego and Office in Finland as well. The bad news for X-Box lovers is that Microsoft is also planning to shut down X-Box Entertainment Studio based in Los Angels. The studio focuses on building original entertainment programming for X-Box.


The FBR Capital Market Analysts Daniel Ives and James Moore talking with clients said that cut in jobs is indeed painful for victims, but the step is necessary for rapid growth and profitability.

Senior Technology Analyst at BGC Mr. Colin Gillis said that, “The idea is to reduce the layers of management vertically and horizontally, so you can speed things up.”

Lollipop for Employees?

On the other hand, the CEO of Microsoft has said that Company will help fired employees in finding jobs will give some benefits to such employees. Before this, Microsoft has also fired 5800 employees in 2009.

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