Missing things in Windows 8

Though Windows 8 has crossed the 100 million users and stand at the 5th rank as Windows 7 is still account for 53 percent market share for Windows Operating System, but Windows 8 still wouldn’t be a successor as there are many things that are not included in the version.

The main objections by the users are difficulties to find the charm menu. You summon the five charms with a swipe of the mouse to the upper or lower right corner, or with the keyboard shortcut Windows key + C.

1: Make Visible Charms Menu:


The search of hidden charms menu is a difficult task to do and especially when you dosent know about its existence then who can you find the hidden object? This hidden menu requires a gesture all the way to the upper right corner, followed by a swipe down to the Search charm. I suggest such a charm menu that it couldn’t disappear at all. There is nothing special requirements for displaying it as it is only 86 pixels in width and after pinning this menu to the desktop, user have a plenty of room left to showcase the apps and to showcase the desktop as well. I think after putting the charms menu on desktop, user can perform on a rapid speed as now user has not many gestures to navigate through to search anything.

2: Power option to the start screen:


So you are all done with your machine and now want to put your machine shut down, restart or to put you machine in sleep mode, using Windows 8 you have to hover over the hidden harms menu to make it visible and then and choose any of the option you want to do at that time.

What do you think to do the same using the Windows 7, you just have to click on the start button to get to the all of the options include the option for sign out, switch users, lock the screen along with shut down, sleep and restart option. I think this is the better way to approach power options, what do you think?

3: Date and time Option:


We all have the habit to watch the time through the task bar using the Windows 7 as current time and date is always visible on the right side of task bar at the bottom.

But the same isn’t true of the Windows 8 Start screen. With its live tiles, it’s supposed to be a place where you can get crucial information at a glance. So why is the clock hidden?

So to see the current time in Windows 8, you have to view the charms menu by visiting it through a separate gesture. The other way is through the Key board short cut. I prefer a way by which I can get instant access to the date and time for example display of live time on start button would be a handy and good decision, may be in a bar along the bottom of the screen to the right of the new start button, that will enable the user to go for the time at a single tap         .

4: Low-Intensity Color Scheme for Tiles:


Bright color for the apps allows the app to control their own branding. The specific color for the apps like purple color for messaging app will indicate me about the location of app where it is pinned.

But do they have to be Day-Glo?

User can choose the color pattern for the start screen from the personalization option n PC settings. It seems like that Microsoft will expand that color selection considerably.

This will allow the user to have a much more subtle, nuanced combination of colors as your background for the Start screen and for other interface elements.

5: Notification Management alert system:


The thing that made me happy is that Windows 8 apps can indicate the user about the important and required the permission to do a specific task like reminders, task to do, Skype incoming calls etc. the notification will indicate the and alert the user about a specific task to be perform even when the screen is locked. User can control to which apps to show the notifications.

Now this is the 2nd view of coin is that the notification go away within a few seconds so if you escaped for a while, you may missed some important calls or you may missed an important message of immense value.

6: Make it easier to snap a backup image:


Windows 8 has two ways to for restoring the system I the event in which user want a fresh start or just want to go to the previous state. This allows the user to refresh Windows installation, maintain the data files and if not get the right thing(s) the option is always there for a master reset, remember that this will wipe out the entire user’s data.

Those are nice new features to have, but why was the option to create a complete backup image demoted and hidden as Windows 7 File Recovery? And why can’t you easily create a custom image of your system that reflects your changes instead of the original image as shipped by the system manufacturer?

7: Value of Quick Launch Bar:


Quick Launch Bar is of utmost important value for the users, as they can access the most valuable app at the distance of just one tap after accessing the quick launch bar. Previously Microsoft included the Quick Launch Bar to access the most favorite programs quickly.  You could pin those programs to the top of the Start menu or add them to the Quick Launch bar, you can use the short keys to access the programs pinned to the task bar like Windows Key +1, Windows Key +2 etc.

Windows 8 failed to provide the better criteria even failed to maintain the same to access your most demanding apps/programs. Here charms menu can be used to access the favourite programs in no time.

8: Addition of visual cue for the charms menu:


Windows 8 should have a start tip on the task bar for the users ease. This will rescued the Windows 8 users as they had faced many problems which can be accessed by clicking in the lower left corner in order to go to the start screen, remember that there is no visual indicator for the start button in Windows 8.

Now after too many discrepancies for the Windows 8 users and many of them are now expecting that the addition of the visual cue to the bottom left corner for the charms menu. And what about the new user or about an existing user of Windows 8 OS that what User Interface is there and with what facilities to facilitate the user.

Many suggest having a visual indicator on the lower right side of the screen that indicates towards the presence of any such menu, and what do you think about the addition of same design used to separate snapped panes. That’s what I’ve done in the mockup shown here. The slim bar only takes up 22 pixels, but those three dots in the centre add an unmistakable visual hint that something else is available there.

So these are all the things and requirements that a user of Windows 8 requires. It is interesting to see that how the Microsoft tackles the situation with the issues of Windows 8 to facilitate the users and provide a better customizable environment.


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