Mobile Apps Parents Must have to Control Teens

Parents are worry about their young children especially for teens, as parents are desperate to know that what their teenage child are doing. Indeed teenage children are very clever and they are proving themselves a hard nut to crack in terms of control of parents over them.

Keep in mind that, “You can do anything if you put your mind to it”.

Mums are worried to know and to control the misdeeds of teenage offspring. Though teenage generation has found their way to cheat their mums, but Mobile Application developers have made it easy to monitor teenage with the help of Mobile Apps. Any Mum having such types of Mobile Apps can have superior control over children.

Control Teens with Mobile Apps

In short these sorts of apps are voices of Mums around the world, Mums can say that this is the era of Mum Power, where Mums can go for a spa weekend while no more house parties during that time period, No more call ignoring by teenage to avoid Mums and Dad, no more clubbing for teenage and you can avoid lame accuses of child that they are at a friend’s sleepover.

How Stuff Works:

Here are some powerful Mobile Apps that increase Mums power to have a good command and control over teenage children.

1: Ignore No More:

Ignore No More

Ignore No More Mobile App is a thought of tough mom from Houston who served in Gulf War (Sharon Standifird). The app force children to call back return to their parents or other selected Mobile numbers. If kid(s) avoid parents call, the app will lock the phone and kid(s) have only one option to call back to their parents. Parents can tell the kid about password to make use of mobile again. After using this app, Standifird report that her children are reporting or texting back to her quicker than before. Bradley the son of Standifird reply to CBS that, “well I thought it was a good idea, but for other people, not me”.

Moreover if any unauthorized person tries to uninstall or kill the app, app will lock the phone and parents will be informed via an e-mail notification.

Download Ignore No More from Google Play:

2: iCam:

iCam Mobile App

iCam Mobile app makes it easy to spy on your own home. iCam App manage it to remotely monitor live video and audio. Android users can handle 12 Compute cams via iCam, while iPhone users can monitor 16 computer cams using this handy app. This app can be a good toll to have a secrete look and command over your kids and home as well. Other uses include baby monitor, nanny cam, pet cam and security cam. The app was featured on Today Show, CNN, and Good Morning America as well.

Download iCam for Android.

3: Footprints:

Footprints Mobile App

Footprints Mobile app let you remember and record your daily itinerary, the app is handy to track your path. The app use GPS or Mobile Network to track path. For Mums and Dads, they can track and monitor the locations. The app not only gives location of kids, but also gives an idea where kids have been. As parent, you can set geofences for kids to alert you when they cross the boundary. This feature allows parent to make sure that kids never go specific or anywhere you don’t want them to without your permission.

Download Footprints for Android.

4: Teensafe:

TeenSafe Mobile

Teensafe is all in one app as it doesn’t cover any specific area of monitoring and spying, while kids are not known the fact that you are monitoring them. Having this app, you can monitor kid phone, access to text messages (also deleted one), call logs, Social media (Facebook and Instagram feeds), Web History, besides all these features, you can also monitor kids location via GPS. The app is for both iPhone and Android users.


The app is not available on any App Store, instead you have to visit and registered yourself to download the app. You will be provided by a free 7 days free trial period. Afterwards you will be charged $14.95 per month.

5: offers secure environment to holder even when you are not at home. You can monitor any place (home, office, outlet etc) with your Mobile device. This app will notify you about any motion activity on premises. Further you can watch live video and store them via Security Cameras. You will get alerts about any open window or door. Good thing is that app will communicate with you in real time. For parents, this app can help them to know when their children are at home. Lock doors, turn off lights, Use image sensors to capture important pictures.

Download for Android.

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