Mobile Apps to Block Unwanted Calls

The growing trends of Digital Marketing resulted in spam. Some common source of digital marketing includes SMS Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing. Apart from Digital Marketing Trends in American and European Countries, everything works with the protection of copy right act of either regional and/or international copy right act, i.e. in Canada, NUANS Search which search for you available Corporation Names. Talking about Spam messages and numerous call, which may disturb you as you may receive messages when attending an important meeting, during business seminar or others.

Mobile Apps to Block Unwanted Calls

As a solution you can use with do not disturb Registry in your region to block particular number(s). you can find various call blocking apps which provide their free and/or paid services with some difference in features. Using the call blocking apps, you can use various filters including calling countries and specific codes.

Here are the Best Android Phone Apps for Call Blocking.

1: Mr. Number:

Mr. Number Call Blocker

This android App helps you to get rid of Unwanted Calls and Unwanted SMS Message. Mr. Number is best for those who are tired off from US Business who make call to them. Using Mr. Number, such person can get more info about that business. The app empowers you to Block both Calls and SMS from an individuals, organizations, a prefix or to block entire world. You maintain the text messages of blocked persons or can delete it if not relevant for you. The reverse lookup feature allows you to get more info about US mobile and landline number.

Download Mr. Number from Google Play.

2: NQ Call Blocker:

nq call blockerBR

NQ Call Blocker is a powerful Android App using which you can Block Unwanted Calls and can reply via automated text message. The android app also empowers you to Block Spam Messages, however the feature is only for Phonebook Numbers and works fine for Block Black List Contacts. To ensure your privacy, the app helps you to quickly erase you Call History and to erase you text messages permanently between your phone and your contacts.

Download NQ Call Blocker from Google Play.

3: Contactive:

contactive for Android

Contactive for Android can help you to indentify millions of numbers right before you pick the call. This amazing feature (Universal Caller ID) is free to use. In order to give you a glimpse about caller, Contactive taps into social information by using social forums including Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp  and Contactive’s Global Directory. The app developers claim to identify over 600 million callers and more.

Download Contactive from Google Play.

4: Call Blocker – Black List:

calls blacklist

Call Blocker is easy to use and features to Block Unwanted Calls and Text Messages on your Android Phone. Call Blocker Android App works as per your criteria, you can adjust app so that the phone will only ring when you want. The unique thing about app is that it works on the basis of community guidelines, i.e. the app is able to block thousands of spam calls reported by members of any community. You can set a Personal Black List, while the reverse lookup is also available as well. You can also utilize Do Not Call registry.

5: WhosCall:


WhosCall as the name suggest helps Android Lovers to identify the caller and to block calls. The app is beneficial for those who want to block unwanted calls and Mobile and WhatsApp (need to enable accessibility for Who’s Calling app from setting) Text Messages. The app uses internet searches and communities to identify and report unwanted calls. This Android App helps you to prevent Fraudulent calls, Time Consuming Marketing Calls and also to block random phone calls from stores. The basic version allows you to active two apps, it means you have to subscribe for premium access to avail full access. Indeed WhosCall is a gift for Android users to avoid embarrassing communication.

Download WhosCall from Google Play.

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