“Multiple User Accounts” in Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop is being considered as reinvent of Android due to some major changes. Some related to core, some related to feature set and some related to UX (User Experience). One of interesting feature that Android 5.0 have is “Multipe User Accounts” aka. Device sharing. Although most of users came to smartphone and tablets were PC users but there can be many reasons of multiple accounts and user roles. To know why it is useful you need to know that what actually Google introduced in this feature in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Multiple User Accounts in Android 5.0 Lollipop

There are 3 type of user profiles.

  1. Owner Account:
  2. User Account:
  3. Guest Profile

Owner Account:

You can consider it as root user if you know about linux or if you are from Windows then consider it administrator or super admin. If you are going to share your android Device with your other friends or if a father is going to give his phone for gaming to his kids, then he, owner of phone will have complete access and control over phone and he will be able to setup things for other profiles like permissions.

User Account:

A user can be anyone who have account on user but don’t have same capabilities as owner have. It’s like any normal user who can work according to permissions, admin have given to that user. Device owner can even limit calls and SMS or other things for a user too. However as it is a separate profile so a user can customize his/her own profile. Can install games and apps. only for his/her account. Parents can create such user accounts for their children and can control settings for profile through owner account. So different kids have different profile and all profiles are controlled  by parents.


Guest Profile:

Third one and very limited one is guest profile. This account is also very limited because although it provides many capabilities to guest user too. However it is like incognito window of Google Chrome. In guest profile, all data is wiped out once user log out. It is useful if you give your phone to some of your friend for limited time. Guest profile is useful for most of us because we can also limit guest user to an app, a single screen or some content that we want to share with guest.  So if you are sharing something with friends or you are giving your phone to your kid to play single game or use single app. then guest profile can be very useful.


Although this feature and account types are related to device sharing but it is important to note that some time many of us need to share device with someone whether it is  a friend or kids. So this feature ads a security layer as well as make it more convenient if we are not the only user of our phone. In fact, it is not about only device sharing but a user can login to any phone and can access his/her stuff on that phone too.

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