Must Have Apps For iPhone

Having right iPhone is not enough but one must has right choice for apps in daily routine and for basic usage. Here I am provides you the basic apps for your dashing iPhone regardless of its model, either you have a previous model or just have a new one of latest one, these apps helps everyone to use iPhone.


This app is about a social network for sharing the photos of your own or of your beloved one. Hence using this app you can share either past photos or relating to the present about what are you doing. The filtering option makes anyone’s photographical drivel look appealing. The great thing is that simple photo sharing make enable you to post your snaps to a no’s of social network same time.

Download The app: INSTAGRAM



Now forget about any personal sectary. This app give one the freedom from P.A as you can manage very day to day task using this app, as this is led you to create events fastely. What to do to create any event is to just type in tap add and event exist i.e. to schedule a meeting just tape in meeting with Andrew this Monday on 11:00 A.M at Blue Mall, now tape add and feel easily. No more messing around with countless, sliders, dials, and fields like in Apple’s Calendar app. DayTicker allows you to see what’s coming in future at a glance.

Download The app: Fantastical

3: Gmail


The iPhone let you enable to handle multiple accounts, labeling and muting. This app on iPhone becomes more popular than Google’s official Gmail app. The ease of receiving and updating from Google makes the Gmail more comprehensive than ever and hence the usability of this app increase in no time.

Download The App: Gmail

4: Sundance Film Festival 2013


This app is a free GIFT for movies lover. This is official app for Sundance Film Festival 2013. This Festival starts in start of year that attracts a large no of audience and innovative movie directors and storytellers. This app will provide all latest news about festival, all films information with trailers, high quality pictures and description, Full view calendars for film and events schedules, Visitor information regarding shuttles, venue locations, and more and social media integration with Facebook and Twitter. So keep enjoying this app.

Download The App: Sundance Film Festival 2013

5: PayPal


Download This App: PayPal

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