Must Have Android Apps for Managers

Now is the race of increasing the profit margins, capturing more customers, spreading the business, getting more market etc. For this we have to work hard as we can, has to do so many task in time and effectively and one man is not enough to do all the task, here the team role is more important and it is also very important that each member of the team has the right tools that can help him/her with time effectiveness and maintain the work at a rapid speed without disturbing the quality of work. These tools are apps save the time, increase the functionality or productivity and lower the cost of any organization. In this article provides the list of effective tools or Android apps that the managers or managing team must have. Here we go.

1: Google Drive:

This app helps the managers by storing their data on virtual location in cloud storage and thus extends the local hard drive strength. It is much same like SkyDrive, Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud and some other relevant competitors but one may like to prefer Google Drive due to it’s functionality and more features it offers. The capturing feature is that Google Docs is wrapped in with this app Google Drive. So you can store all the business related documents, spreadsheet s and business presentations all these documents can be accessed by and managed by one same location. Keep this must have handy app.

Download the App: Google Drive


2: Evernote:

A way to extend your memory, a famous note making app with so many attractive features that one will think just as the services of personal assistant P.A. New York Times mention it as one of “Top 10 must have application”. This app helps to improve productivity, save your ideas and launch when you required them. Search, capture and browse your notes from any device in your use. You can create a to-do list and task list, can save sync and share files, create and edit text notes, email notes and save tweet to Evernote account. While in premium account one can take notebooks offline to access at anytime, allows other to edit your notebooks and can apply a PIN code to your Evernote app.

Download the App: Evernote


3: Astrid Tasks:

This app is the combines more features in one interface so that you can so all of your office related task by using just a single app. This app is a combines of your personal assistant/task manager/to do list. This app serves as your personal assistant that you can have everywhere and can ask any task to it at any time. So this is such a P.A that you want to have in your android Smartphone to assist you and good thing is that you can have it without paying for it. This app also increases the use-ability of the Android Phones that you can use you Android phone for office use in a very decent way. Enjoy this free of cost app.

Download the App: Astrid Task

4: Universal Password Manager:

This is a must have app especially for the managers level or for the businessmen. This app is best for those who have to remember so many passwords of logins or accounts and may not remember the so many passwords. Some people tries to put the same password for all the accounts, logins etc. but this is not a good practice in a sense that the password can easily be hacked by anyone. UPM allows the user to store all the passwords, usernames, URLs and one may also store notes in it in an AES encrypted database. All of your data is also protected in a sense that it is also protected by a master password. One more thing about UPM is that it can synchronize the data on a loud storage and it has integration with Dropbox also. Enjoy this easy to use app but with productive features.

Download the App: UPM

5: Springpad:

There are so many apps that offer easy access to the data, provides ideas and thoughts, but this app is more about the collaboration. We may want to share something to our co-workers or with our family members, Springpad save those things by converting them into “notebooks” so that you can share them with others. Now you may think that this is like Facebook but isn’t  This app save the work you done like, photos, articles, memos, places and also can scan barcodes. After saving you can share them with those you want to collaborate with, the collaborators are also Springpad users with their own collaborations.

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