Free Must-Have Travel Apps for Android Users

This is the time of IT revolution overall the world. Now IT has changed the concept of life and the Android became the most dominating Operating System. Every years there are hundreds of thousands Apps that are available for the Android OS. This article is for the persons who love to explore the world and wants to travel form one part of world to another. This article tells that how you can find the Hotels around you, where you are at the time, about Disneyland World, about Cheap Flight Rates Alerts and guidelines to the tourist who wants to navigate to the entire world

1: Hotels Near Me:

OK you are on a tour and forget to book a room or planning for outing and wants to book the residency in a very prominent place. Using this app you need not to worry to find out the place for the reliable and comfortable place to stay. This app refers you to the hotels for accommodation from a database comprising of collection of 60,000 Hotels. The hotels are ranked according to their services and public reviews. From this DB of Hotels you are provided by the address, Phone number and user reviews.

After you select the Hotel, this app shows you the pictures of the rooms and allows you to select the price window. So you can book the Hotel using this app and can have an email for confirmation of your selection.

One other feature of this app is that you can find the Hotel around you in order to confirm your booking in advance. What to do is that simply select “elsewhere” and select the desired city.

Price: Free

Download this app: Hotel Near Me

2: Where:

This app guides you to find the places around you.  This app use the GPS chipset, this app provides the information like on Cheap Gas, Movie Showtime, restaurants, weather forecast, traffic situation and News Updates. So discover these great local places.


You can find the deals at the local business

Find the location of restaurants, bars, stores and other interesting at the distance of some taping

Can locate the friend’s location and thus can decide to meet together

Can get recommendations for interesting locations that you will love to visit

Also can save the heart touching places as favorites and can share with your friends


Price: Free

Download This App: Where

3: Disneyland Secrets Gold! Guide:

Disneyland is indeed an attractive and astonishing place for the tourist and travelers. It has many of secrets that are not known to the layman or the one who is visiting this one for the first time. Well this app is really helpful in that term that using this app one can explore the Disney World more clearly and with a lot of things that can be enjoyed using these app guidelines. This app tells about 110 Secrets with text and with the collection of 300+ high-Quality reference pictures. So now you can have more time to spend in the Disneyland and all the time undoubtedly will be remarkable.

So you have to discover the Disneyland with a trip to your friends, family or your suppose. So discover each of them one by one like; Main Street, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, U.S.A, New Orleans Square, Frontierland and others with 100s colorful pictures. So you will have to discover:

The place where the Walt Disney sat upon the park bench when he was thinking of Disneyland

The to have V.I.P seating for a pair right behind the engine on the E.P. Ripley

The secret for getting V.I.P seating int eh beautiful Belle railcar to Rock N’Roll

The picture of Walt Disney’s Baby

The reason and fairy tell of “Trader Sam” on the Jungle Cruise

The birth place of Disney Executive with Name

About the City Hall and What is the uniqueness

And other much more exciting things that can make your time remarkable.

Download This App: Disneyland Secrets Gold Guide

4: Wizzair Search and Price Alert:

This app is helpful in the term that the user can find the low cost Wizzair Flight Schedules and can also match the ticket rates by getting ticket rate alert. This app allows you to find the price of one way or round the trip and the availability of flight and schedule. The Wizz Discount Club members can get the Ticket fair with discounted rates. Choose the payment method with you convenience and the Multilanguage support gives you more command to control this app.

Please note that the Wizzair is a low cost providing company that is operating within the Europe only.

Download the App: Wizzair Search and Price Alert

5: World Explorer:

This is a must have free Android app for the travel lovers. This app is designed to guide the tourists those have a taste to explore the entire world. So you can now plane your trips, holidays, weekends, honeymoon or simply New Year night etc.

This app helps the user by capturing the GPS location of user and provides the list of the handy places around user. So whatever the source of your traveling i.e. walking, Taxi, on bike etc you can visit all the monuments using this app. This app includes about 350,000 articles that describe about the places that will guide you with an easy user interface. So forget about the inconvenience of the travelling, use this app as you tour guide and have fun.

Download the App: World Explorer

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