New Horizons with Apple Watch

Technology has really transform human life as we are now much dependent on technology for almost everything, from our waking in morning, attending our business, clients, friends, social life and then again to our bed. Previously, watches were used for a sole purpose to mark the day and night with numerical values, this really helped us to increase our productivity in a way that we set targets to achieve with respect to time and then with more efficiency and effectiveness, we successfully achieve same target with reduced time.


— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) September 30, 2014

In short Watches have helped us a lot to make progress, now again, Smart Watches are going to revolutionize our daily walk of life. Yes Apple is all set to public its Smart watch during somewhere in April this year.

The CEO of Apple has marked Apple Watch as most personal device ever as the watch will help you to not only match your time with world, but also help you to take care of your health by counting and measuring various things relating to human body, while its customization of design will make you fan of it.

What Special Thing Apple’s Watch will Offer?

Apple Watch

This Smart gadget by Apple will alert you about text messages, helps you to manage your apps directly from your watch and to update your Facebook accounts by updating on your timeline. In short you will forget about pushing down notification center again and again.

How Watch will Interact with Humans?

Apple Watch

The WatchKit software Developer reported that, Apple’s Smart Watch will interact with humans with dozens or more ways including feelings of taptic feedback, glanceable and actionable notifications, with these terms, you can clearly see the shift of trends from interactivity to actionable.

What Convenient Thing Apple Watch do?

With Apple Smart Watch, you can put your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in your Pocket, besides these, you can also hold your iPad Air 2 in your bag as Apple Smart Watch will empower you with deal with any mundane notification and to dismiss the calls from irrelevant person like from a telemarketer who has ample time to discus his/her business with you. So act wisely and same time remains intact with important notifications.

How it will help to be fit?

Fitness with Apple Watch

Apple’’s CEO has claimed that the watch will be more personal than any other device, as the watch focuses not just on providing state of art technology, but it also keep an eye on your health and update you regularly so that you can take necessary steps as per your preferences. The Activity app of watch gives the analytics of your daily routine activities, while the three colorful rings will make you aware of changes in your body. With the watch, you will learn about your calories consumptions, exercise ring will update you about brisk activities time, while the stand ring will count how low you stand.

You can excel in your health by just focusing on targets as completing the ring should be focus in order to get healthy figures.

How Much it will cost?

As per industry voices, The watch will make its stores debut with starting price of $349.

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