Pebble Smartwatch Works Fine with iPhone and Android

On ending of countdown on Peeble’s homepage, the company has announced the Pebble Time which is a $179 Kickstarter funded Smartwatch comes with a color display.

Power Consumption:

Pebble Time

The Smartwatch claims backup timing for entire week even with active screen 24 hours a day. The watch comes without touch gesture or touch screen. The smartwatch is an addition to Pebble timeline of wearable gadgets, while the device is thinner and comes with a more economic design. The e-paper display technology makes it’s battery long lasting for entire week.

Watch Video by PCMag:

Voice Notices:

The new Voice Control feature let user allow sending voice messages and to take notes via limited apps depends on compatibility. The feature seems to work fine with both Android and iOS, while Gmail notification is only current compatible app to go with.

Curved Design:

The curved and sleek design of Pebble Smartwatch fits to any wrist easily and, the design makes newer watch 20% thinner than previous version.

Scratch Resistance:

Pebble Smartwatch has protection of Gorilla Glass along with stainless steel bezel which makes the watch scratch resistance. The new smartwatch is water resistant, however Pebble warns from being fully submerged.

General Review of Pebble Watch:

Pebble Time Smartwatch

The durable yet light weight Smartwatch gives good look even in sharp sun light, the watch delivers notifications and messages at your wrist and allows you to keep your phone in your pocket and to save your time and efforts.


Pebble Time Smartwatch Features:

It is a great sports watch

Microphone allows you to send quick voice replies

The watch simplify your life in many ways

It comes with best interface than any other watch, the developers have developed new system called timeline, to manage things from your past, present and future.

With one click, you can view your notifications, reminders, schedules, time left for movie show, scores of last game, etc.

For music lovers, Instead of opening the app, you can interact with your music app and can watch which song is playing at that time.

More specifically the watch provides the information you need

The Pebble Time’s Smartwatch will be a great challenge for upcoming Apple’s smartwatch as it achieved its Kickstarter goal of half million USD in just 17 minutes, while 20,000 people backed Pebble Time in 3 hours on Kickstarter.

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