Project Ara Developers conference

Technology has transform the way of almost all aspect of human lives, especially communication mediums have become so vibrant that a person residing thousands of mile away from his family is no longer hidden from them as he can communicate daily without any huge cost. This is all about inventions in Communication Mediums, while Mobile Devices are the most common source of communication. Google is going to transform these Mobile Devices and mindset about current physical aspect of Mobiles will be totally changed.

Google’s Project Ara:

Project Ara Developer conference

Google is working on Project Ara that focuses to build a modular hardware ecosystem, good thing about that modular phone is the phone will allows local users to set the hardware preferences according to their needs and compatibility with other things.

Customizable Hardware:

Customizable Smartphone

The Project will allow people to customize the hardware that suits to them, while in case of any hardware failure, user can change only that particular hardware rather than to buy a new Smartphone Mobile Device, i.e. you only need to change Battery in case of power related issue, Camera to replace overused or to upgrade to higher one, while Processor and RAM customization will also be a major development as well.

Spiral 2 Showoff:

Google is working on affordable, interchangeable and replaceable Modular Smartphone, while Google revealed Modular Smartphone, Spiral 2 during developer Conference in Mountain View on last Wednesday. All equipments of phone will be attached with main endoskeleton or endo as this will act as main structure or backbone of your own customizable smartphone. Good thing is that you can safely and easily remove, change or replace any of the components without any hindrance, and you necessarily need not to switch your Phone off. You can also choose unique covers and shells for your phone.


Spiral 2 gets a slim design as front side has a large display and a proximity sensor, it bears 8 different modules on its back side of different sizes, to tie the frame with all required features and to empower the main frame with required features.

On back side, you will get Camera and connectivity options including, Wi-Fi, Processor, USB Charger, Bluetooth and radio. The device frame uses magnate to hold all components.

Operating System:

A recent video showed Spiral 2 runs on Android OS, previous version failed in public appearance, however the Spiral 2 look polished and during Developers conference. Here is the Video of Spiral 2 during Developers Conference.


Spiral 3 Prototype:

Google will launch Spiral 3 Prototype in coming June with enhanced ability including wireless data exchange, and will appear with spring-pin connectors use for switching, while the next prototype will get redesigned magnate. The phone is likely to support entire day usage.

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