Pros and Cons of Gaming Console Vs PC Vs Handheld Gaming

Games are the best way to entertain yourselves and to enjoy the life style. Many good companies has setup gaming zone for their employees in the office premises to make their employees feel relax from task burden and to refresh their mind as well, this approach shows positive results and employees are showing good results. There are so many people who are enjoying the gaming at their home as well. What is your choice is a good to know question, depending on needs, likeness and dislikeness of each of you. There are several pros and cons of each of the gaming platform. In this post I will discuss the three platforms of gaming zone.

Gaming Consoles are specially made for playing games and some other basic tasks like watching movies and runs on custom made OS usually Linux. This is the limited role of Consoles, however on the other hands PCs are used for several reasons including all basic to professional tasks such as at home on may use PC for playing games, watching movies, educational use, communication tool and other, while professional person can use PC in several ways including Accounting software, Engineering Software (CAD), Performing Business Calculations, Drawing Maps, Communicating with Hubble Telescope in Space, controlling entire Atomic Center via Super Computer and/or drawing using Photoshop. Keeping in view the following steps, Gaming Consoles have least ranking, while one can use PCs for many use. So one can say that Gaming Console may omit from screen in some near future, however PCs have a strong grip as well.

Here are the Pros and Cons of having a Gaming Console:



–          Gaming Consoles have standards for several gaming platforms. Wii, which is said to be weakest console has no standard for multiplatform games as it is ranked lower than two other consoles including Xbox 360 and PS3

–          Console exclusives are not available on PC

–          No need to install games on gaming consoles, just plug and play the games


–          Usually consoles are specifically for one and only developer, i.e. one cannot play the game of PS3 on Wii controller. You must make sure that the game caste is supported on that platform

–          You may experience bad performance in a game which is ported from another console or PC

–          Consoles usually don’t play the game to its full potential

Here are the Pros and Cons of having a PC instead of Gaming Console:

PC Gaming


–          You can use PC for attaining several tasks including professional and personal

–          PCs provide customization option

–          You can play games from various publisher and developers on PC with high graphic support

–          Reduce cost of purchasing extra gaming consoles


–          Viruses are the big issues using PCs on Windows platform

–          Some games may require high graphics and high specs which can disturb your budget

–          You may required to upgrade your entire or a part of system for any specific game

–          If you invest in a PC built specially for gaming, the problem is that you may found a new release of PC very next month

–          Hacking risk

Handheld Gaming:

Handheld Gaming Console

Such types of hardware are specifically built for gaming, the thing that makes them important is that you can bring your handheld gaming device with you at any place with ease.


–          As I mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of handheld gaming console is that they are portable, and you can bring them anywhere with ease.


–          Handheld gaming consoles are generation or two behind, these consoles haven’t latest technology and upgrades

–          Poor battery life is the biggest problem

–          Uncomfortable control is yet another negative point that is associated with handheld gaming console


With all the basic stuff, it is up to you to chose what sort of gaming environment suits best to you. All the gaming environment has it’s benefits and limitations.

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