Samsung Galaxy S5 VS iPhone 5s

Now a days Samsung Galaxy and iPhone both are the competitor of the market. Samsung Galaxy is Android based smart phone while iPhone 5s have  Apple iOS. Both of them are offering different features which have their own specifications. Both platforms represent a different approach to the mobile phone, and each suits a different kind of person. Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s are the best smart phones in the world right now.   We’ve comparison of the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S to find out. 


Size And Weight

If we talk about the size of both smart phones then we can see that iPhone is the smallest high-profile phone while Samsung Galaxy is fifteen percent longer, seven percent thicker and twenty four percent wider than the 5s. Samsung Galaxy S5 contains 145 g while iPhone 5s contains 112 g. As smaller phone tends to the lesser weight. So iphone 5s is twenty three percent lighter than the Samsung Glaxy S5.

Material And Colors

Samsung Galaxy is made up of plastic with dimple coating on it while iPhone 5s is made up of aluminium metal. There are four colors available in Galaxy which are blue, white, black and copper. And iPhone 5s have three colors available which are silver, gold and black.


The Samsung Galaxy has much bigger screen than the iPhone 5s. It gives you one eighty five percent more pixels than the iPhone, but still looks pretty damn sharp.

Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung is aiming straight at the iPhone 5s striking feature, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, with a fingerprint scanner of its own. The difference is that, on the iPhone, you can unlock your phone by simply resting your finger on the home button for a moment which requires usually less than a second. And on the Galaxy S5 you have to swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen down to the home button. It’s also having partnership with PayPal. With the help of this feature you can easily authorize your payments which are associated with the popular services while iPhone fingerprint payment options are very limited.

Heart Rate Monitor

 Samsung Galaxy is launching first time fitness tracker.

Processor And RAM

iPhone 5s contais 64-bit and 1.3GHz processor with dual core micro-processor. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy 32-bit and 2.5GHz with quad core processor. The Galaxy S5 doubles the iPhone’s 1 GB of RAM.

Storage And Battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 supports micro SD cards upto 128 GB. While iPhone has an extra storage. Samsung Galaxy has more battery time than iPhone 5s. Samsung Galaxy S5 also includes “Ultra Power Saving Mode”.


Samsung Galaxy S5 can easily win the camera feature than iPhone 5s because GS5 contains 16 mp camera with 2 mp front camera. While iPhone 5s has 8 mp camera with 1.2 mp front camera.


Samsung Galaxy S5 launches with the Android 4.4 KitKat. While iPhone 5s contains iOS 7.0.6.

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