How to secure your Webcam from Hackers

Webcam are indeed good devices to get in touch with friends and family members. European and US residents are using webcams for their virtual relationships, however one should be aware of the fact being hacked by hackers when you are using webcam online. There are several such incidents that tell about remote control of PCs, Laptops and hackers capture snaps without your acknowledgment. One should be careful utmost about his/her privacy as any hacker can interrupt you privacy by accessing your webcam or PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, and most likely you will only get the problem after when you stuck in a bad situation. All these situations have made me to write about How to Secure Webcams from Hackers.

How Hackers can Access Webcams:

Webcams are indeed good to use for video calling, virtual meeting, distance relationship and for interviews. These are good use of Webcams, but be careful and a hacked webcam can be utilized for spying you. Normally hackers try to find some security vulnerability or flaw weather in hardware or in software that controls webcam. Below are mentioned some of the hacking tricks from which you need to aware off.


–          Clickjacking is the most used method to tricking with web users into clicking something different that it looks like.

–          Apart from clickjacking, you may also be a victim of any flaw in a specific model of webcam like what happen to TRENDnet Cameras in January 2012. The problem allowed any person taping into live webcam videos.

–          Third type of hacking may involve malware, viruses and infected email attachments by sender. Further a hacker may also attack on your webcam if he/she knows your IP address.

How to Secure Webcams from Hackers?


To avoid any kind of hacking with your Webcam or devices, you need to follow the below mentioned rules for your own safety:

Update Firmware:


Webcams are controlled by firmware, hackers are always in search of some flaws in firmware. Good companies and manufacturers strive for updating their firmware to make devices best for their users. You must update your firmware in order to avoid any bug and to fix issues.

Malware Scans:

Hackers can interrupt in your system by using malware programs and after having control and command of your system, a hacker can make a lot things harder than ever for you. You must keep your system away from any such malware to maintain safety of your system. Malwarebytes is a good to try for detecting malwares that anti-virus software may neglect, however there are several others that you can use as you required.

Firewall Settings:

Firewall is a shield for your protection by Microsoft for Windows users. Firewall keeps an on all the activities involving sending and receiving data. You must use recommended settings for Windows Firewall as it can prevent attacks from hackers, however some hacker can interrupt in firewall as well.

Webcam Protection Software:

You should take all possible steps to maintain your privacy and to save your interest. You can avail the service of a software that can tell you about the usage of webcam whenever someone will use it. These types of software make things easy for you as they can prevent unauthorized access to webcams and microphones. Thunderdefense can be good software to use as a Webcam Blocker Tool.

Unplug Cams:

You must unplug your webcam after usage if it is not fixed with your system or laptop, however new Laptops are coming with fixed cams, you can cover them till next usage to avoid any problem.

Hope so this post will help you to safeguard your privacy and to avoid any possible chance or threat of being hacked.

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