Shadows Heretic Kingdoms, Preview, Features and Updates

Shadows Heretic is said to be sequel of Kult: Heretic Kingdoms. It is a mix between action RPG in Diablo style and old school RPG in Baldur Gate Style. The newer version has unique characters and challenging features.

Difference between Shadows and Kult:

Shadow Run Returns

Talking in an interview, the writer and designer of Shadows and Kult (Chris Bateman) explained the difference between both games, one main difference is Devourer which is Shadows main protagonist. Those who have experienced the Kult played as a young girl struggling to figure out her role in the time after the fall of Theocracy, however you are provided by new and unique experience in Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms where you can act with a main character of demon with abilities including devour and controlling other brings and organize entire party alone. The main idea is same, but game writer brings more interactivity and advancement in role and functionality in the characters of Shadows. The additional features will make Shadows stand out of the genre.

Interview of Chris Bateman:


Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is a world where peace doesn’t exists at all. It reflects a series of rebellions to get freedom from tyrants and the control of people shifted from one tyrant to other, so people are always seeking freedom to get peaceful kingdom. People get rid off from cruel Theocracy, but the environment became harder than ever as it creates only tension between men and women of Corwenth.

Lurking Society:

Shadows Heretic Kingdoms Characters

There is a hidden society in Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, the society involved in rebellion to free the land from oppressive Theocrat. However all such activities come to an end, when Lurking Society meets its death and the Penta Nera began to get control of society and they fought among themselves to gain power. The members of great council have fallen, while the dark forces enslaved their souls.


Shadows Heretic Kingdoms

The player will enjoy the role of Devourer who can travel back and forth among human and shadow world and devouring the souls of his enemies in the game full of action and secrets

You will enjoy the game to gain political powers with a lot of action..

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