Technology to Help to Diagnose HIV and Syphilis

Technology has transformed the way we live, watch, see, feel and almost every walk of life, especially technology helped us to diagnose various disease, now once again Technology is ready to serve humanity in the field of Medical Science, This time a panel of Biomedical Scientists of Columbia University from USA have invented a Dingle Device that can diagnose killer HIV and Syphilis in just 15 minutes, while the thing that makes the diagnostic method famous in no time is the device of cost.

Diagnose HIV via Smartphone:

HIV dongle


The newly invented Dongle Device is a plugable device that connects Smartphone and Personal Computers via application interface and returns the results relating to HIV and Syphilis after implying various algorithms and calculations after getting the blood sample as input.

Intake of Blood:

HIV Dongle Device


The dongle device takes blood via finger-prick device, analyses them and fetch some key factors that tell the presence or absence of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and/or Syphilis. Good thing is that the portable device can be use as a remote device and is light enough to carry easily in hands. The light weight is yet another key factor to that dongle HIV diagnostic device.

Pilot Study:

finger blood

According to the Associate Professor of biomedical engineer Samuel Sia, the initial pilot study carried on 96 people in an African country Rwanda, though the device showed some faulty results, but the biomedical engineers are working on that to fix it before its commercial launch. Professor Samuel Sia is hopeful about dongle device and said that it is team work and they have positive results relating to that device.


Compatibility: Yet there is no voice over compatibility of that Dongle Device, and what Mobile OS and specifications and other requirements are yet to be unknown.


The HIV Diagnostic Device is much much cheaper and affordable yet to produce relevant results, on comparison, the device is about 540 times more cheaper than normal HIV equipments, the standard lab testing machine for HIV is priced some about 12150 Britain Pounds while the dongle device is likely to cost about 22.50 Pounds to manufacturer.

Recommendation by Rwanda People:

HIV Aids Logo

The Dongle device is easy to operate with less technical skills, the health workers in Rwanda were given half an hour of training on how to use HIV diagnostic device, while after tests and diagnostics, 97% patients recommend the device for HIV, Syphilis and other dieses.


The ability to use device remotely and affordability makes the device need of the hour, interesting to see that how the team of biomedical engineers will market the device after proper testing. Indeed this dongle device will help to save lives of millions of people, while providing cheap source of health facilities.

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