How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Official Firmware

Rooting of Android Smartphone gives us a range of customization and tweaks with our handset. Indeed there are several benefits of rooting Android Smartphone but what if you are in a position to send your Android Smartphone to the manufacturer for calming its warranty or for repair propose? You may require unrooting your Handset for availing the warranty benefits indeed. This article is especially to resolve this problem and to save our readers from any problem that can cause them in calming the rooted Smartphone. This article is about how to unroot Galaxy S3 19300 on Android 4.1.1, please listen carefully that this how to tutorial is feasible using ODIN. First of all you need to read the post twice with utmost attention.

How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Official Firmware


Un-Root Android

The process of rooting or unrooting is so simple to do, but its result may become negative or undesirable as well. So you have to follow this at your own risk, any damage caused to your Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 has completely to be bear by user, but if you follow the instructions you will never to met by any fuss with your device.

Thing to make sure:

Un-Root Android

This how to tutorial is specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 only and practice of this tutorial on any other variant will result in loss.

19300XXDLJ4 is an official firmware for the Smartphone Galaxy S3 19300 by Korean company Samsung.

You need to back up all you data in your phone to avoid any inconvenience.

How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Official Firmware


  • First thing you need to have Android 4.1.1 19300XXDLJ4 official firmware for Galaxy S3 19300 on you desktop. Download it from the link.
  • You required to have latest version of ODIN v1.85.

Procedure of Unrooting Galaxy S3 19300:

Un-Root Android

  • Switch of your Galaxy S3 19300 handset and restart it in the Download Mode by pressing the Volume key down along with OK and Power Buttons. You need to keep pressing all of them till you see the Android Robot on the device screen which confirms that you are now I the Download Mode.
  • After getting your device into the Download Mode you need to run ODIN on your PC and connect your Smartphone to the PC. O successful attachment, one of the ID:COM boxes that is running in the background will turned as yellowish.
  • Proceed as follow to select the files to flash:
  • Click PDA button followed by file code.
  • Click on the Phone button and afterwards file modem
  • Click on the CSC button and now CSC file.
  • Here you have to make it sure that re-partition box is unchecked or makes it unchecked if it is checked. Now click on the Start so that installation can take place, be patient and wait for its completion.
  • Now you must uninstall the Superuser or SuperSU root binary apps from the apps of your Phone.
  • That’s what you have now unrooted Samsung Galaxy S3 19300 on Android 4.1.1 update. Make sure it by going through the Settings > About phone. This will inform you about the firmware you have at that time.

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