Tizen OS Leaked Images

The relation between Samsung & Google is exemplary and Samsung is keep going on with Android OS for Samsung’s devices. But for the future devices, Samsung is going to launch it’s own Operating System and may be other hardware manufacturer also use this platforms by Samsung.

Samsung is planning to launch the two devices which are under the development process now, one is Samsung GT-18800(Melius) with Android OS and other is GT-18805(Redwood) with Samsung’s own OS Tizen.

Tizen Greek Community has published the leaked images of Tizen OS which confirmed that the device with Tizen OS has a code name Redwood, this makes us wonder if GT-18805 is maybe another variant of GT-18800 with LTE or maybe there is some significant difference.

The images showed the control of device through the voice directions and commands. The situation is going to be very tight as Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS are leading their way while Windows Phone OS is also making it’s way to the market.

Due to the so many competitors, the competition is going to be more interesting as everyone is in search of strong grip on their customers and also to make some new. Tizen has a big challenge to enter in the market and to be in the top 3 OS, as Ubuntu is already waiting for the it’s launch later this year for the Smartphone.

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