Top 3 iOS Apps to get involve your Kids in Wonder World

Kids are the most precious stuff for anyone, and everyone would like that their kids would be active, have sensible approach, with brilliant mind and perform best. The minds of kids are thirsty to learn about the things that are revolving around them. They are very keen to explore the wonder world that prevails around them. In that sense they tried each and every thing. This is the time when kids require time, attention, patience and good approach with good approach.

In present time, when humans are involved in electronic devices and their kids to follow, several studies are revealing the bad affects of using electronic devices. It is not the Electronic and Mobile Devices that are bad, actually bad use make these devices worst. However there is plenty of stuff that you can use to make the use of these devices in productive ways, and you will see the most positive aspect of these devices.

This post tells about various apps and games for iOS users to use to provide learning stuff in entertaining and creative approach.

1: That’s Baloney!:

 That’s Baloney!

That’s Baloney! provides an entertaining platform to enthusiastic kids to boost up their creative minds. The good thing about this app is that one can adjust the setting according to age of kids so that your kids can learn maximum from very start. This app is suggested for kids between 7 to 12 of age or from 2nd grade to 6th grade. That’s Baloney! Asks 2500 analytical statements that will indeed boost up the vocabulary and I.Q of your kids. This free app is compatible for iOS 5.1 or later.

2: Pepi Play:

Pepi Doctor

Generally kids are afraid of Doctors as they think that Doctors only inject painful injections and provide them bitter pills. Pepi Play is a Fun iOS App that is designed to change this perception of Kids in a fun and entertaining way. This will not only help the kids to learn but also help parents to get consent of kids when they are not feeling well and make ready them to cooperate with parents in their visit to doctor. This app tells children about a Child-Friendly PEPI Doctor. Playing this game, your kids perform the duty of doctor and cure his/her little patients (Eva and Milo) in fun way. This app requires iOS 4.3 or later.

3: Math and Play:

Math & Play

Math is a tool to teach kids to increase their I.Q level, and use of this affective tool in a fun way can make your kid brilliant one. Math and Play is best for kids with 3 to 6 age and will energize the analytical stamina and sharpen logical views of kids. This Paid app focuses to teach the kids in all direction using different visual and numeric values. Math and Play requires iOS 6.1 or later.

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