Top 5 Free Android Medical Apps for Doctors

Technology is everywhere, we use things just cause of improvement in technology. Mobile Phone and then transformation of mobiles to Smartphone Mobiles is just cause of improvement in Technology. Now we are dealing with the Smartphone Mobiles that are running on specific Mobile Operating Systems. Android is one of the most popular OS for Smartphone Mobiles. This post features Top 5 Free Android Medical Apps.

New students of medical may wonder that what Android apps can do beneficial for them in health care sector, however the advancement in technology and innovation has helped both health professionals and Android developers to develop certain types of medical apps.

1: Epocrates:

Epocrates Android App is a handy tool for tech savvy clinician. Epocrates for Android is like refreshing those synapses for pharmacology students. The app helps you to meet the ever changing field of pharmacology and improve care for patient monitoring. Epocrates for Android is in Beta version, as the app is recently launched for Android platform. The app works best on HTC MyTouch.

The main menu of app includes:

Pill ID Now

Favorites Menu with Interaction Check and Pill ID

Tools Menu helps you for Drug Reference, Medical Math and Tables

Other Menu include Help and History

In short, Epocrates supports and aid you in clinical decisions, saves your time and you can carry it anytime anywhere. You must have free Epocrates account to use the app.

Download Epocrates for Android.

2: Skyscape:

Skyscape app for Android gives you a comprehensive drug guide, act as clinical consultant (to get clinical info about so many disease and their sympotms) and provide you medical calculator. Further the app also provides and updates Clinical News and Drugs Alerts. Skyscape is a medical library that is hot favorite for over 2.5 million health professionals, nurses and students. You can purchase over 600 premium resources in 35 variant medical specialties. The app is also a source of trending clinical updates as well.

Download Skycape for Android.

3: Oxford Medical Dictionary:

Oxford Medical Dictionary fro Android contains 12000+ medical terms with their clear and concise definition. The dictionary covers almost all aspects of medical science. The dictionary is a work of medical team, while the dictionary also includes 140 illustrations and supporting pictures. The latest edition gets updates according to changing medical environment. Apart from providing and assisting medical students and health professionals, the dictionary is also helpful for general readers to understand various medical terms. The app includes 2 Tools, one for searching and other for learning.

Download Oxford Medical Dictionary for Android.

4: Blood Pressure (My Heart):

Blood Pressure patients can use this app to normalize their blood routines. The app assists people to deal with hypertension. The app can by use for monitoring and restoring your B.P as it counts blood pressure, diastolic, pulse, weight and systolic. The app can also be use by multiple users. You can use interactive charts to view your B.P readings. You can also customize this app as per your requirements.

Download Blood Pressure for Android.

5: Pregnancy+:

Pregnancy+ is a handy Android app that is approved by NHS. The app can be use for viewing the interactive pregnancy pictures. More than 4 million users are already using the app to get in touch with pregnancy updates. The app has an easy to use user interface, while anyone including dad, mom, grandfather, grandmother or any other can use it. You can get daily pregnancy info, weight log, can maintain appointments with your gynecologist, kick counter, baby names, baby size guide and other pregnancy relevant materials.

Download Pregnancy+ for Android.


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