Top 5 Games of November for Xbox and PS

November is the month which is quoted as the launch of Xbox One and the Play Station 4. For the Game Lovers AppsTeller is providing the Top 5 Game for the month of November.

Top 5 Games of November for Xbox and PS Lovers

Kill Zone Shadow:

kill zone shadow fall

People are very keen to talk about the collection that is available to the PlayStation 4 and thinks that the PS 4 hasn’t a good rang of game collection. The Killzone: Shadow Fall is a first person shooter game made just for PS 4. The game was launched at 15th of the November in North America while on 29th November for Europe, while the Japanese fans have to wait till 22nd of the February next Year.

The Game mainly focus on the issue of Vektans and Helghast that are the two competing inhabitant to an alien planet. Both are the competitors are covered by a enormous security wall for protection and they were avoiding direct action against each of them, but now they are going for the final round to settle the final settler as well.

Top 5 Games of November for Xbox and PS Lovers

Dead Rising 3:

Dead Rising

The Game launched on the 22nd of the November in North America, Europe and Australia. Capcom is the developer of the game. The player has to face the challenges of Zombies and this version is scarier than previously two released versions while game has a new main character also. You have to face the challenge of zombies as they have now more power and can grab on to your Vehicle and also can drag you out of the Vehicle. Player has to explore the entire city and can explore every building of city to kill zombies.

Top 5 Games of November for Xbox and PS Lovers

Super Mario 3D World:

Super Mario

The Super Mario 3D World is a fun game with good graphic support than ever. Game is developed by the Nintendo EAD Tokyo for Wii U video game console. The game has been released in North America and in Japan while the European users have to wait till 29th of the November. The Mario character is assigned by a task to enter in the pipe and pursue Bowser and to find out them in the new strange Kingdom as they are in search of Sprixie. His companions will help him to complete the task. the game has a timer for every level and you have to complete the task within the giving time period

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between:

the legend of zelda

The name of the game also termed to as a link to the past. The game is a fresher to the The Legend of Zelda. The release date of the Game is yet to be announced in the 2013 year. The game has same pattern but what is new and exciting one is that it will have improved graphic supports as well. The game link to the past has Link exploring the worlds of Hyrule and Lorule. But A Link Between Worlds harkens back even further in time, allowing non-linear dungeon progression, a major deviation from recent Zelda titles.

Forza Motorsport 5:

forza motorsport

The game is a gift to the Speed lovers who want to get involve themselves with racing games. The game is an update to the Forza Motorsport Series and developed by the Turn 10 Studios built for the Xbox One. The game has been released as on 22nd of the November in North America, some European countries and Australia. The game offers the open wheel race cars to the mix.

The Game has a nice graphic combination and you will love to play it as its rich graphic support will enthrall the user experience of players as well. You can also participate in the races via Drivatar which is a cloud based feature built for providing an environment to the players. The game offers a variety Vehicles including AbarthAcura, Alfa Romeo, AMC, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Buick.

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