Top 5 Gaming Phone Apps

There are literally hundreds of thousands of gaming apps to choose from for both iOS and Android. How do you know which one to choose? It’s certainly not easy, but one of the advantages of having so many games out there is that you may try out 4 or 5 duds in succession, but there will always be one that you will fall in love with.

Here, we focus on such insanely addictive games, which are guaranteed to give you an amazing experience. Here are the top 5 gaming phone apps you should know about.

Remember Angry Birds and the sensation it caused when it was first released? Well, Pokemon Go is the new Angry Birds, even bigger and much better. It is an incredibly addictive game that has become a worldwide phenomenon.
Everywhere you go, in a mall, coffee shop, haircut saloon, college campus or restaurant, you will notice someone completely lost in their smartphone. Chances are they are playing Pokemon Go and doing their best to catch the lovely creatures – Caterpie, Slowpoke and more.

The amazing thing about Pokemon Go is that it makes use of your phone’s GPS to incorporate real world landscapes into the game. The characters from the game appear in the real world, completely at random, in your home, at school or workplace.

It’s really hard for us to explain how the game works, but here’s what you should know – there’s never been anything quite like it before!

Pokemon Go is available for free on both Android and iOs.

Angry Birds developed by Rovio will go down in history as the most popular game designed for the iPhone and Android. For sure, there will be other super hits such as Pokemon Go, but it was Angry Birds that made everyone aware of the possibilities of mobile gaming apps.

Angry Birds 2 continues from where the series began 6 years ago. It is certainly a development on the original and unique in many respects. It is quite addictive as well and borrows heavily from the gameplay of the original Angry Birds. It comes with new features – You can now select which birds you want to catapult, for example.
Angry Birds 2 is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Prune is an exciting mobile gaming app developed by Joel McDonald that costs £2.99 on iTunes Store and offers an amazing experience. It is essentially a puzzle, which has been designed very elegantly. It has a flawless execution and a perfect delivery and can be learned by anyone, young or old, in just a couple of minutes. But as you go along, the game picks up more complexity and becomes much more interesting.

You have surely heard of PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, haven’t you? It has been an incredible success – it has downloaded millions of times already and has risen to the #1 position on the App Store. PewDiePie has been developed by Outerminds and costs £3.99.

It is a fun and interesting game to play, which has been designed very well and has been named after a top YouTube star.

Tales from Deep Space is an exciting new game developed by Amazon Games Studios in a partnership with the UK-based developer Frontier Developments. Amazon Games Studios is, of course, Amazon’s foray into the mobile gaming business.

In this game, you will assume the character of Travelling Salesman E, who finds himself in the middle of a revolution on Big Moon Space Station. For company, he has a talking suitcase and together, they set on a quest to bring back normalcy to the space station.

Tales from Deep Space is a very original game, and there’s never been anything like it before. It has great characters, amazing storyline and combines action gaming with adventure and puzzle.

Tales from Deep Space is available for download on both iOS and Android and costs £2.99.

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