Top 5 Quotes Application for Android OS

This article tells you about the Quotes & Sayings apps that contains quotes for lovable Quotes for Teenage, Quotes from famous Personalities, Best Life Quotes and the Quotes for inspiration. The article focuses on the Quotes from all walks of life.

1: Teenage Quotes & Sayings:

Teenage is indeed the most beautiful part of life. The teenage is the most important part of life as its effects can be seen on the entire life of any person. The personality of any person is the reflection that what he / she has faced in his youth especially teenage, as it is the best time for learning and to develop the personality. This app contains motivational quotes that give inspiration and purifies the thought of youth. This app contains the quotes from all around the world that will be the role model especially for the youth.

The quotes in the app emphases the need of politeness and positive attitude. Some of the quotes are from the old times contains the memories of historical personalities.


1000+ quotes & sayings for teenage

Add bookmark to your favorite quotes

View all the favorite quotes in a list

Randomly view facts

Download the App: Teenage Quotes & Sayings


2: Brilliant Quotes & Quotations

This app is a collection of more than 3300 quotes that are very carefully gathered one by one after very deep analysis that what effect of a quote on human life. The collection of these 3300 quotes is saying of all the time great 230 Philosophers, Spiritual thinkers, Writers and other great people from every walk of life. The version is free from notification ads and with improvements. The easy user interface and simple navigation make this app user friendly.

Other features includes: browse quotes by author and category, notify you about changing the daily quote, quote if the day from dashboard, description about the author of the quote inside the app led by a link to the Wikipedia page about the author for further information about the author. Access the Top 50 quotes in the whole world with the facility to see quote of the day, quote of the week, and quote of all the time by other user of app. Filters allow the user to select the authors, categories and quotes you like along with the app-widget to home screen.

Download The App: Brilliant Quotes & Quotations


3: The Best Life Quotes

This app provides the quotes regarding the realities of day to day life. The more quotes will be added on this app in near future. These quotes provide you the best life quotes hope so that you like these quotes. You can share quotes on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. Rate this app with your precious feedback.

Download the App: The Best Life Quotes

4: Inspirational Quotes

This time we need more inspiration. Inspiration is just like the fuel required for running a vehicle. A large number of the inspired collection of quotes while the latest version is bug free which were prevailing in the previous one. The new collection contains bunch of inspired quotes which are 200+ and these quotes helped the app to increase its rating. These quotes are picked up very carefully from hundreds of inspired quotes as you can call the collection especially handpicked quotes. These quotes motivate and inspire the moral character of human personality and bring positive changes in the man nature.

The new improved version fixed the following: fixed the screen resolution bug that previously led to restart from the 1st, now you can copy the quotes to the clipboard, totally redesigned app with more than 600 quotes, and you can set the as you like with the customization of color and text size you like. Share quotes on Facebook, via SMS, Via Mail along with daily quote widget.

Download the App: Inspirational Quotes

5: Love and Romance Quotes

Indeed best app for those looking for the love and romantic quotes for dedication to others. You can use this app to show your feelings as what are you thinking about your suppose, lovable  Valentine etc.  Use this app to browse the lovely quality quotes, mark them as favorite with option of sending them through SMS, mail or simply publish on the Facebook. The background music will make you fan for this app and you can also mute the music from the menu.

Download the App: Love and Romance Quotes

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