Top Most Endless Running Games For Android

Games are an interesting thing. They also provide healthy activity of mind. Many games include interesting characters. The games offer creativity and place to relax. And if you have android then you can enjoy lots of endless running games.  Following are some games which are best endless running games.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers - World Tour Tokyo Wallpaper

This game is oldest one but still got millions of active users due to its one features. That feature is Subway Surfers is kept up to date and after each one/two months it receives a new update with new objectives. The game recently updated to its 17th version and now you can play the game in the city of Mumbai (India). The graphics, game play, sound effects and everything of the Subway Surfers are awesome and you’ll definitely going to find it as the best time killer. It’s available for free on Google play store.

Subway Surfers is based on Jake’s running skills on train tracks,  incoming trains and chased by the station officer and his dog. You can jump, slide and shift yourself in the awesome environments. The animation of the game is very childish and music effects are also full of naughtiness. You have to collect shiny gold coins throughout the track. And you can also purchase different items like Hoverboard, Coin Magnet, Jumping Shoes and 2x Multiplier. In track there are also Mystery boxes which also gives more coins. Besides this you can also win more coins by collecting the letters of the given word.

Temple Run Oz


The team of Temple Run met with the Disney developers. And this effort came into result in shape of Temple Run Oz. This game is  paid one but it has stunning graphics and very new challenging levels to accomplish. The graphics of the game are similar to the movie Oz which was also the production of Disney.

There are lots of characters in the game. And if you are looking for a endless game then should start playing it quickly without any delay.

Agent Dash


As the name suggests, you are Agent Dash and your mission is to sprint as far and as fast as you can through a series of dangerous but attractive environments of enemy bases. The animation of the Agent Dash resembles a lot with Disney’s art style. The sound effects also creates the spy-like environment  and so are the subtle touches like those of footsteps.

You will find yourself starting among jungle surroundings that itself is very challenging. The game offers different spy gadgets which help you on your way like jetpacks, parachutes, magnets and even slow-mo to slow down time. In addition to Agent Dash, players can unlock other runners, including a female agent and some distinctly familiar villains, like one character with an iron jaw and a short fellow with a deadly hat. The other interesting feature is Facebook integration allows you to connect and compete with friends.


 Run Like Hell


The aim and once you play the game you have to Run like Hell, you’ll know that it is not easy to keep up. The game is just a throughout  run-and-jump platformer where you’ll mostly see yourself sliding, climbing, stringing, jumping and crawling to safe yourself from the clutches of hungry tribals who are ready to pounce at you.The player can run until the tribals catch you.The story of the game also has comic cut scenes as you progress in the storyline. The game is composed of endless, story, set in various environments like caverns, ancient ruins, night jungles  village and beach.  Every environment has its own set of obstacles such as turtle shells on the beach, mad bee hives, treasure and angry tribal women in night trails.

Jetpack Joyride


The adventures of Barry are endless in this game. This game offers many interesting missions like ‘high-five 10 scientists in a run’ or ‘run 500m without collecting coins’ and much more. Players will get a boost of speed and power using the Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleporter, just a selection of the vehicles pickups available, all playable with one touch controls. Completing three missions in a row takes upgrades Barry’s rank. The player of this game can collect coins to purchase utilities from ‘The Stash’ which includes other jetpacks, snazzy outfits for Barry and can even stock up on items for later use.


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