Top Trending Technologies of CES 2015 Show

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 started on 6th January 2015 in Las Vegas, in United States of America and ended on 9th January 2015. The Trade Show attracted Tech Giants across the World and famous Tech Companies participated in the event. CES is one of the biggest platforms for technology traders to put their best products before world, however the event is not for General Public, and welcomes industry professionals.

Highlights of CES 2015

Hundreds of global companies participated in CES 2015 Trade Show with so many different products and technologies, however the Top 5 Technologies of CES 2015 include the following.

Virtual Reality:


CES 2015 came with improved and immersive 3D Virtual Reality Gadgets, a Year ago, Nate Mitchell came with Oculus Rift and made Virtual Reality on Android. Now in CES 2015, Oculus Rift Prototype stunned the attendants with its exceptional improved positional tracking and visible technology. The gadget priced with $350 tag and features 1080p resolution.


World’s First Auto Follow Drone. by FunMobileZone

This is another category which stunned the CES 2015 attendant as companies showcased the Drones with mix use, good to see the use of Drones in more practical walk of life, the wrist worn Nixie Drone empowers you to record 1080p HD Videos and pictures, this wonderful Drone weighs only 45 grams.

Wearable nixie drone selfies

Innovation keeps Business profitable, Football is hot favorite sports for millions of people, People often in Search of Must have Crazy Football Apps, however some people have extreme approach when it comes to their Physical stamina. To facilitate such people, a company who excels in robotics and drones launched the World’s First Auto Follow Drone.

AirDog Drone

This AirDog Drone has become hot favorite for sports lover of various fields, like cyclists, mountaineers, hikers and others which may involve running, jumping and other physical work. AirDog is best for Self Tracking. This stunning Drone is priced with a $1295 price tag.

Selfie Stick:

Selfie Sticks

CES 2015 is not all about costly Tech Products, CES 2015 also launched a Selfie Stick for just as low as $5, with such price, it is the Most Affordable Device at CES 2015. It helps Smartphone users to get Selfies from a wider angle, this stick became limelight during CES 2015 in the presence of other premium devices. With the help of this Selfie Stick and Must Have Photo Editing Apps, Selfie Lovers can capture every movement and make adjustments whatever they think beneficial.

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