Transfer Precious Data from Older Android Phone to iPhone

You may want a change by changing your Mobile Handset. If you want to have a latest iPhone Handset, upgrading from older iPhone to newer one is easy to do but transferring from Android Phone to iPhone is a confusing and difficult task to do. What can you move from Android to iPhone include Contacts, Photos, Videos and files, but you will not be in any position to move some system files.

Transfer Precious Data from Older Android Phone to iPhone

So are you ready to move your data after getting new iPhone handset? Here we go

1: Switch on your Android Phone and navigate to Contacts, Tap on menu button followed by Import/Export. Now Tap Export to Storage, now you have to select what you want to move from Android to iPhone. Press OK after making selection.

2: Now you need to Connect your Older android Phone to PC via USB connector and then put your phone to Disk Drive Mode and Phone will be shown as a drive in My Computer or on MAC whatever you are using.

3: Now make a new folder on Desktop and give a sensible name to that folder and. Transfer the date to new folder that you want to transfer to iPhone. Once again for your kind reference, you can transfer pictures, videos and music. After collecting all data, now to transfer your Contacts, get the VCF file and save the file in order to move contacts, Move that file to your new folder in order to move your Contacts.

4: Transfer Pictures and Videos: Now connect your iPhone to iTunes and select your Phone name in left side bar, navigate to Photos Tab in main Window, and select Sync Photos. Select “Chose folder” from drop down menu and move to that folder to who you have saved your Android Data. You can see the Pictures and Videos in iPhone Photos Application.

5: Transfer Music Files: Now drag the Music files from folder to your iPhone in iTunes sidebar in order to transfer songs. Confirm from your iPhone Music App that whether you have successfully transferred the songs or not.

6: Transfer Your Contacts: You need to setup your email account on your iPhone in order to transfer your Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone. After this process, send an email to yourself using your PC while the VCF file should be attached with this mail. Explore this mail on your iPhone and tap on attachment, now Tap on Add all Contacts. This will simply add all of your contacts to your new iPhone Handset.

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