Secure Group Messages and Video Sharing via Twitter

Social Media Giant Twitter is arranging the way to rollout its two new services which will allow twitter users to start private group conversations, while the mobile video camera will enable twitter users to share video clips of 30 seconds with their followers.

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Twitter Followers to avail Private Group Messaging along with Video Tool

Private Group Conversation:

Before this, Twitter users can communicate individually, however for the first time, Twitter is going to launch private group conversation. This can really help people who want to engage in private group conversations with alike mind people, even it could be better for professional private group conversation.

— Twitter (@twitter) January 27, 2015

You can immediately start a group conversation by selecting some of your followers, good thing is that every person in group need not necessarily to follow each other.

Number of People in a Group:

You can add as many as 20 people in a private group conversation to share tweets and emojis, links and snaps.

Video Sharing via Twitter App:

For the first time, Twitter also announced Mobile Video Feature, which allows Twitter user to capture their video and to share it via Twitter Mobile Application. The feature also allows editing the video as well. The Video capturing feature comes with Twitter Mobile app, the video appears in Twitter users’ feed and anyone can play it with a single touch.

Video Share Tweet:

Twitter has shared the following Video on their Timeline.

Here is the first video tweet by American Actor Neil Patrick Harris:  


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