Samsung Awesome commercial, Football to save planet

Football is indeed the most watchable and interesting game of world, one can imagine the importance of game by recent FIFA World 2014 ended on 13th of the July. Besides the resistance of Brazilian people, the event marked as most glorious and perfect event in the history of FIFA. Germany beat Argentina in Final by the difference of 1 goal in extra time. That’s a little about Final of FIFA World Cup 2014. Korean based Tech Company Samsung cashed the opportunity by producing most attractable video ad featuring Samsung made devices in the Ad.

Samsung Awesome commercial, Football to save planet

Galaxy 11:


The Video separated in two parts, while Samsung released 2nd part after Final between Germany and Argentina. The video ad include famous players including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Aleksandr Kerzhakov, Landon Donovan, Wayne Rooney, Iker Casillas, Lee Chung-Yong, Radamel Falcao, Victor Moses, Stephan El Shaarawy, Wu Lei, Oscar (he’s Brazilian, hence the single name) and Mario Götze.

Alien Team:

Hurakan Team

Alien Team named as Hurakan and who have super natural ability which Galaxy 11 lacks. Galaxy 11 faced well the challenge of horned creatures “Hurakan” and save the planet earth. Samsung used digital shapes of Football Stars and put them in front of Alien Team with the sole task of saving planet earth.

First Half:

The first half or first video ad resembles sci-FIFA 2014 trailer along with Galaxy S5 and Gear product replacement, which would be better suited for the Event E3. Samsung cash the fame of football stars and associate Galaxy Devices and Smart Watches in the first half. The first half wasn’t good for Galaxy 11 as Hurakan lead the match with 3-1 score on board.


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Here is the Video of 1st Half of Galaxy 11:

Second Half:

Samsung Awesome commercial, Football to save planet

The Second video covers the second part in which Galaxy 11 make strong come back and levels the score in the very last minute of match. Galaxy 11 looked much comfortable against horned creatures, Messi gave the pass to Aleksandr Kerzhakov and he scored second goal for planet earth by his header. Goal Keeper of planet earth defended his goal post well in second half. The match entered in 87th minute, when Smartwatch indicate the players to go for All-Out Attack, Ronaldo gets the ball from opponent player and kicked it to Rooney. Rooney kicked the ball behind the net to make the scores level in very last minute of match. The LED installed in the Ground showed the celebrations by people of planet earth.

In extra time, Hurkan played aggressive and they were near to make the final goal, however the ball missed the net and hit the pool. Then Lee Chung-Yong passed ball to Brazilian star Oscar. Messi and Ronaldo took the ball away from Hurkan and Ronaldo hit deciding goal on the move of Messi.

Here is the Video of Second Half of Galaxy 11:

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