How to Update Xperia Z Ultra to Android Lollipop

CyanogenMod 12 Nightly ROMs is available for Sony Xperia Z Ultra Togari and Z Ultra GPE Togari GPE, thanks to CyanogenMod developers. CM12 Nightly Mod is based genuine AOSP release so that you can enjoy smooth and improved experience of Android Lollipop on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The ROM empowers users to enjoy Android Lollipop Features as well.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Don’t forget to watch video of Official CM12 Nightly 5.0.2 Nexus ROM


This tutorial is about updating Xperia Z Ultra/Ultra GPE to Android 5.0.2 CM12 Nightly ROM, read the instructions carefully and updates your phone on your on will. AppsTeller will not be responsible for any mishap during installation process.

How to Update Xperia Z Ultra to Android Lollipop


This tutorial is only for Sony Xperia Z Ultra/Ultra GPE “togari” specifically, you need to confirm your device model, so tap Settings > About Phone/Tablet to confirm device model.

This Process will take its time to complete, so make sure your device is fully charged, try to begin installation process with at least 80-85 percent charge to avoid shutdown during installation.

Install USB Drivers

You need to Enable USB debugging mode on your Sony Phone, Tap Settings > Developer Options

Downloads Required

update android 5.0.2 cyanogenmod 12 official rom

Android 5.0.2 CM12 Nightly ROM for Xperia Z Ultra (aka Togari)

Android 5.0.2 CM12 Nightly ROM for Xperia Z Ultra GPE

Google Apps for Android 5.0 Lollipop

Installation Guide:

CM 12 Nightly ROM is updateable further via Settings > CyanogenMod Updates menu.

Installation Process:

  • Connect Your Phone to your Computer or Laptop via USB cable and then Copy both zip files to Internal Storage of your phone, you can also download files directly to your Phone.
  • Switch off your Sony Xperia Phone and boot it to CRM (Custom Recovery Mode) by Power On and keep tapping Volume Up or Volume Down buttons on turning of LED Lights to Pink or other color.
  • Here you need to perform NANDROID backup through CWM recovery by tapping on backup and restore option. In case of TWRP, use Backup, save the file with a unique name
  • Done with backup, now go for full data wipe by tapping on wipe data/factory rest. Here power buttons are for selecting option and volume buttons to move through options are used.
  • Now you have to perform cache wipe by tapping on wipe cache partition.
  • The next step is to perform the dalvik cache wipe, this will help you to avoid boot loop and other errors by selecting advanced and then wipe dalvik cache from CWM recovery.
  • The time has come to return to Main Recovery Screen and then select “install zip from SD card”. So select choose zip from sdcard, you have to use volume keys to go to official CM12 ROM zip file. Tap on Power button to select the file.
  • Confirm the installation on very next screen to kick off Install Process. It will take some time.
  • Google Apps Installation: Repeat the previous step for Google Apps Installation.
  • Reboot your phone after successful installation by tapping on Go Back.
  • Your Sony Xperia phone will take about 5 minutes for reboot, remain calm and don’t interrupt during that first reboot.
  • After reboot, your Sony Xperia Z Ultra/Ultra GPE phone should have Android 5.0.2 Lollipop via CM12 custom ROM. You can confirms the new installation by tapping on Settings > About phone.

Enjoy the new experience of android 5.0.2 Lollipop on your Sony Xperia Z Ultra/Ultra GPE.

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