Why Android is better than iPhone?

In iPhone you can only share content with certain basic applications, while in android you can choose from a wide range of applications to share you data. Another good option with Android is that you can enhance your typing experience with Android and use third party typing alternatives for e.g. Swype.

Do You Really Think Apple is better than iPhone?

Android Vs iOS

With Android there are endless ways to customize your phone, you can even download iPhone’s theme. Phones with android also provide an interface just like the ones used in computers to manage or search for files while iPhone does not provide its customers with any such facility.

Android VS iOS

Having better notification bars, you can respond quickly without any hassle with Android. Also having options like importing pictures of friends in Address Book, free applications, different phone unlocking options, setting multiple user accounts on one device, having better search engine like Siri with assistant commands, easy music download options (unlike iPhone or iPad where you can only download music through iTunes) Android provides its users with unlimited options for customized experience.

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