Xbox One to Land China in September this Year

Good news for Chinese Xbox lover is that Xbox One will become first ever gaming console to enters in China after Chinese Government has lifted ban. Chinese government has lifted 14 years ban, now Chinese people can play games using imported Xbox One gaming console. China Telecom Corporation (ADR) will sell Microsoft’s Xbox One Gaming Console from coming September.

xbox one in china

Microsoft can earn huge revenue as China is considered as Third largest market for Gaming Consoles. China Telecom will assist Microsoft to access it’s 30 million broadband subscribers, however the Xbox One must get clearance from Chinese Cultural Department.


Microsoft XboxOne China

Microsoft didn’t revealed price of Xbox One yet, the success of Xbox One will heavily depend on pricing factor. In US, Xbox One was [resented for $499 along with additional price of $60 for new games. However, Microsoft later cut the price figure, and make Xbox One available for $399 only.

Trend in China:

On the other hand, keeping in view the purchasing power of People of China, it is very hard for them to have an expensive Gaming Console. According to a survey, more than 70% population of China earn 4000 Yuan or $634 every month. Furthermore, Chinese people love to have such gaming consoles which can play pirated games. These games are downloadable easily and can be sold out for $1 or even less.


Sony Corporation has also entered into an agreement with Shanghai Manufacturers to make Play Station for Chinese People. On the other hand Nintendo Co., also planning to launch new gaming console for markets like China.

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